Pakistan Intelligence Assassinate Journalist In Sweden

Last month an unidentified body was found in a Swedish river. The body has been identified by Swedish police as the founder of the Balochistan Times. It is suspected the journalist was abducted from a train and assassinated by Pakistan intelligence for exposing Government atrocities on the Baloch people.

Pakistan Intelligence Assassinate Journalist In Sweden
Pakistan Intelligence Assassinate Journalist In Sweden

Last month an unidentified body was found in a Swedish river. It has since been identified as Sajid Hussain, a Pakistani journalist exiled in Sweden.

Sajid Hussain, 39, went missing on March 2. He was last seen getting onto a train in Stockholm en route to Uppsala to pick up keys for his new apartment. He had been studying Arabic and lecturing at Uppsala University since January this year.

However, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Mr Hussain never got off the train. It was suspected he was abducted “at the behest of a Pakistani intelligence agency”.

Swedish police believe there was foul play after an investigation and said they are “still waiting for a few more answers”.

Hussain’s reporting on government corruption, disappearances and human rights violations made him a controversial figure in Pakistan. Police raided his house, and he began receiving anonymous death threats. Eventually, he left Pakistan in 2012 for Europe.

Hussain was the former editor and publisher of the paper, Balochistan Times. After his death Balochistan Times released a statement which read:

“Staff are deeply saddened by the demise of our dear friend and the founder of this magazine. As a journalist, (Hussain) was compassionate and wrote extensively on the suffering of the Baloch people. His work often got him into trouble as the authorities did not like his reporting of Balochistan’s forbidden stories, the reason he had to leave and live in exile.”

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