After India Now Pakistan Bans Tik Tok For Promoting Vulgar And Pornographic Content

A man in Pakistan filed a petition against Tik-Tok to ban the popular app on moral ground for promoting vulgar and pornographic content. This app is quite popular all across the globe, especially among teenagers. The Peshawar High Court took the decision in favour of man and the app will be banned in Pakistan from Thursday.

After India Now Pakistan Bans Tik Tok For Promoting Vulgar And Pornographic Content

This petition was filed against Tik Tok for its immoral and indecent content. The court issued the ban after justices reviewed the petition and heard from government officials including the general office of attorney and PTA.

As per Chief Justice Qaiser Rashid Khan, this decision will remain in place until Tik Tok takes action against immoral and indecent content.

He complained about vulgar content on this app to court and argued, Tik Tok is not good for teenagers or youth of Pakistan as it just promotes pornography and vulgar content.

This app also leads to an increase in suicide cases in Pakistan. He told the court that government agencies did not take action against this app after he complained about it.

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The PTA issued a warning to the app company, demanding to introduce moderation of immorality, vulgarity, obscenity via its social media platform.  It was a final warning as per the regulator.

In October 2020, PTA ordered a ban on this app, citing its failure to remove indecent content. This ban just lasted for ten days. Tik Tok promised to moderate content as per laws in Pakistan and the ban was lifted after it.

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