Ottawa Police Chief Resign Amid Backlash Over Handling Of Freedom Convoy

In the wake of public outcry over his mishandling of the Freedom Convoy rallies against Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination mandates, Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly has resigned.

Ottawa Police Chief Resign Amid Backlash Over Handling Of Freedom Convoy

Thousands of truckers have joined the Freedom Convoy to protest COVID-19 vaccination regulations that prevent them from crossing the Canadian border into the United States, prolonging supply-chain problems.

Multiple sources have verified Sloly’s impending resignation, which is expected to be revealed following the Ottawa Police Services Board meeting, according to the Ottawa Citizen.

The Citizen portrays the backlash as Sloly being “too lenient toward the protesters” for critics’ likings, which Sloly “had blamed [on] a lack of resources,” but LifeSiteNews has covered examples of the exact opposite, such as Ottawa police illegally confiscating fuel that supporters had donated to the truckers, despite Sloly acknowledging that the truckers were peaceful.

Regardless of the fact that those vaccinated for COVID-19 still contract and transmit the virus, as evidenced by high-profile cases such as Trudeau’s, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has tried to frame COVID vaccine mandates as a substitute to COVID restrictions rather than a continuation of them. The majority of COVID-related hospitalizations in Ontario are among the completely vaccinated.

Trudeau, on the other hand, has slammed the Freedom Convoy. On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, granting Canadian banks immense power to freeze accounts without a court order and expanding the scope of anti-money laundering and terrorism financing legislation to include crowdfunding sites and their payment service providers.

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  1. I’m sure the ruling elite can command their governments to get as tyrannical as they want. They’ve done a pretty good job turning all the politicians into subservient minions with their carrot and [threat of] stick techniques.

    But down the power ladder their control is less predictable. And certainly when you get down to the police and military’s rank and file, I doubt they’re going to have the stomach to follow dishonorable orders from an autocratic government.

  2. Maybe…just maybe Police Chief Sloly is a rational freedom-loving person that knows the truckers and the millions that support them are in the right. It is disgusting that he is being made out to be the bad guy and being attacked financially just for standing up for justice. It is his job to stand up for what is right…how the heck to they justify persecuting him for that? I hope when all this is over he gets his job back with a bonus for having to put up with the ridiculous nonsense the irrational morons in the Canadian Gov’t is putting him through.

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