Norway To Build World’s First Ship Tunnel Under Norwegian Mountains

The project to construct the world’s first ship tunnel has got the green signal and it will be built through the Norwegian mountains. This ship tunnel will be helpful in navigating the Stadhavet Sea.

Norway To Build World's First Ship Tunnel Under Norwegian Mountains

The project was first announced by Norwegian Coastal Administration a few years ago. This tunnel will pass through the northwestern Norwegian mountains.

The tunnel will be a mile-long and 118-feet-wide. The construction of this engineering masterpiece will commence in 2022 and it will take 3 to 4 years to complete the project.

The total estimated cost for this entire project will be around 2.8 billion Norwegian kroner ($330 million).

“It’s a project that has been planned for decades. So it’s very pleasant to finally be able to start the construction work in one year,” temporary project manager Terje Andreassen from the Norwegian Coastal Administration tells CNN Travel.

It will help ships avoid the rough tides near the surroundings of Stadhavet and also the bad weather.

“The coastline outside that peninsula is the most stormy area in Norway, with the hurricanes,” says Andreassen. “You get a lot of strange currents here.”

Since such bad weather conditions and tides will not impact the transit inside the tunnel, so ships will not have to wait on the harbor for the weather to get favorable.

As per Andreassen, the tunnel will make the transit safer, smoother and faster.

“It will be connected better, it will be easier to travel,” he says.

This tunnel will also provide the passage for large ships as well. Burrowing will be done via underground drilling rigs and pallet rigs. It will involve removing approximately 3 million cubic metres of rock and some buildings.

The Norwegian Coastal Administration says the finished structure will be akin to “a large and long mountain hall.”

This tunnel is likely to attract the attention of infrastructure enthusiasts from across the globe. The main objective of the tunnel is to simply make transit along the Stadhavet Sea “safe” and “predictable,” as Andreassen puts it.

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