Norway Discovers 1,000 Missiles Dumped In Lake… Plus Several Tons Of Ammo

Norway has discovered approximately 1,000 missiles and several tons of ammunition that were dumped in Lake Mjøsa from Raufoss and the Norwegian Armed Forces between 1940 and 1970.

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment (FFI) has investigated four dumping areas in lake Mjøsa, from Gjøvik down to Totenvika.

Ammunition has been dumped from Raufoss and the Norwegian Armed Forces in Mjøsa from 1940 until 1970.

Earlier it was said that between 100 and 200 tonnes had been dumped in total, mainly ammunition for handguns.

“At the same time, we have information that suggests that it could be 10 to 20 times as much. We have sources that tell us that 30 tonnes could be dumped in one day. This traffic took place over many years. Our findings support the impression that the amount is far greater than what has been said,” chief researcher Arnt Johnsen at FFI says.

Missiles are tightly packed

Additionally, an area of the bottom of the lake is covered by around a thousand Sidewinder missiles, FFI stated in a press release.

The Raufoss Ammunition Factory test-fired the air-to-air missile Sidewinder for years from Fjellhaug, in Eastern Norway.

A source close to the matter said Putin has sent ‘invisible’ T-14 Armata battle tanks into battle for the first time.

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