Sounding The Alarm: Normalizing The Jab With Lies

This weekend, while speaking at the Liberty Forum of Silicon Valley, I was asked a question about the status of the development of an influenza/COVID-19 mRNA vaccine.

Sounding The Alarm Normalizing The Jab With Lies

A quick search on (which is a government website where clinical trials are registered), found the following combined influenza/COVID-19 clinical trial, which is currently recruiting:

A Safety, Reactogenicity, and Immunogenicity Study of mRNA-1073 (COVID-19/Influenza) Vaccine in Adults 18 to 75 Years Old

This is a phase 1 and 2 combined randomized clinical trial which anticipates enrollment of 1,050 participants.

Today, a reader sent me a link to the article below, which clearly shows that the pre-clinical phase of these combination vaccines has been concluded and APPROVED by the FDA. Enrollment for the clinical trials is about to begin.

Clinical trials for ‘entirely new’ mRNA flu vaccines launching soon. Will they work better?

Based on COVID-19 ‘messenger’ RNA or mRNA vaccines, the new flu vaccines could better protect people from multiple types of flu. First up for testing: older people.

  • Moderna has created a new vaccine that aims to provide combined protection against both flu and COVID-19, including the most recent variants of COVID-19
  • (The clinical trial director) expects to start testing Moderna’s combined flu/COVID-19 vaccine in the late summer or early fall.

Colorado (UC Health) already has an “mRNA vaccine for influenza” clinical trial that is already enrolling, and this one is about about to enroll. What does this mean?

  • This means that these mRNA combo vaccines are again being given status as a “vaccine,” and not a gene therapy product. Otherwise, pre-clinical development would have taken much, much longer.
  • That the use of pseudouridine has been given the green light again, without further preclinical testing on safety. That the length of time the mRNA continues to make protein once in the body and levels of protein expressed over time has not been assessed in an animal body prior to the onset of these trials. This is shocking.
  • It appears that the FDA also did not require more testing of the nano lipid particles for safety, reproductive toxicity and bio-distribution in an animal model. This assumption is again based on the short timeline to clinical trial for these products.
  • This also implies that there have been no further pre-clinical studies regarding the spike protein as a toxin in the combination flu/COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidate.

With this doozy of a truth bomb, I set out to discover just what clinical trials are currently enrolling

A couple of simple searches on revealed that there are a large number of new trials currently enrolling or about to enroll. In fact, the simple search term “mRNA vaccine” had a search result of 98 clinical trials not yet recruiting and currently enrolling. Of those currently enrolling, had a chart for those results, as follows.

Sounding The Alarm Normalizing The Jab With Lies 2

So, what are these clinical trials? The government website provides a list of 81 clinical trials using the search term mRNA vaccines which are actively enrolling participants is linked here.

These include clinical trials for COVID-19, influenza (alone and in combination with COVID-19 mRNA vaccines), HIV, leukemia, RSV, Pneumococcal, EBV, HPV, CMV, Zika, Metapneumovirus and Human Parainfluenza Infection. These clinical trials also include safety studies on vulnerable populations and children.

As these clinical trials are up and running, that means that they have already passed preclinical testing. I think we can assume that a lot of the “normal” requirements for pre-clinical testing of a vaccine or gene therapy product have been bypassed, due to the expedited time to enroll patients. This means that most likely issues with the pseudouridine creating immunosuppression, the issues with this synthetic mRNA that neither breaks down easily in the body and also continues to produce protein for an extended period or time, the effects of repeating pseudouridine in the mRNA strands -which may have significant impacts on cellular metabolism and properties- have not been assessed. Furthermore, the use of pseudouridine as an immuno-modulator has not been addressed Then there are the issues with the nano lipid particle distribution and associated toxicity, including reproductive safety and crossing of the blood-brain barrier. Then there is the fact that these are gene therapy procedures, not traditional protein or polysaccharide-based vaccines. Furthermore, for the new COVID-19 combo products, the spike protein is being produced by the mRNA – meaning the toxicity of this protein still has not been assessed in a preclinical trial!

Because we know from the Pfizer data package that inherent safety issues with these vaccines were swept under the rug under the EUA authorization, and that these issues should have been red flags for other mRNA vaccine clinical trials, it is hard to believe that any of these issues were addressed. Particularly since many of the fundamental issues with these vaccines have only recently been discovered, and that the adverse events and papers exposing the dangers only keep growing. The FDA has normalized these vaccines with the Emergency Use Authorization that then appears to have allowed at least some of these products to move forward rapidly.


The FDA is clearly failing to do its job to protect the American people from what could be an extremely unsafe platform technology. I don’t need to list out all the adverse events and deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccines here. We all know that the mRNA COVID vaccines have a lot of adverse events and death. How can the FDA turn a blind eye to this? How can they not know?

Furthermore, it appears that long term safety studies are not not being conducted, based on a read of the clinical studies listed. Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials are being condensed. In the case of the influenza and COVID-19 combined products, the FDA is probably running this under EAU. The safety end points for many of these clinical trials are in months, not years.

All we can do is speculate, but the lack of transparency and malfeasance is palpable.

Sounding The Alarm Normalizing The Jab With Lies 3

Unless you have been living under a rock, you now know that there are social media posts and articles circulating that the CDC has finally admitted by omission that the mRNA in the mRNA vaccines does not leave the body for an extended (unknown) amount of time. This actually isn’t quite accurate. The backstory:

We know that the “mRNA” from these vaccines which incorporates the synthetic nucleotide pseudouridine can persist in lymph nodes for at least 60 days after injection.  This is not natural, and this is not really mRNA.  These molecules have genetic elements similar to those of natural mRNA, but they are clearly far more resistant to the enzymes which normally degrade natural mRNA, seem to be capable of producing high levels of protein for extended periods, and seem to evade normal immunologic mechanisms for eliminating cells which produce foreign proteins which are not normally observed in the body. I wrote about this in February and March, 2022, based on an article published in Cell in January, 2022.

Sounding The Alarm Normalizing The Jab With Lies 4

The CDC still refuses to acknowledge this fact. In fact, the way back machine shows the CDC used to write this on their website.

Now, on the CDC page “Understanding mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines”, the page has a link for the question: “How Long Do mRNA and Spike Proteins Last in the Body?”. That links to a page published by Nebraska Med. That page states:

The cells make copies of the spike protein and the mRNA is quickly degraded (within a few days). The cell breaks the mRNA up into small harmless pieces. mRNA is very fragile; that’s one reason why mRNA vaccines must be so carefully preserved at very low temperatures.

There are those that state that the CDC has changed their point of view on this topic or at least taken it off their website. In fact, they really haven’t. They are still maintaining that the mRNA breaks down rapidly, that the mRNA doesn’t continue to produce protein past that point. However, rather than stating it on their website – which the associated liability of that statement being a lie, they turf the untruth to a large hospital and physician chain called Nebraska Med. Better for the CDC to not get caught in another lie I guess.

It is time for the CDC to hire some real scientists. The scientific evidence was in as of January 2022. The mRNA stays in the lymph nodes producing protein for 60 days.

Let’s be clear, there needs to be a national apology for those scientists and physicians that have been bringing up to date, scientifically correct information to the public. The CDC, FDA, NIAID and NIH have not been doing their job. They have been hiding data, lying, omitting scientific facts. We know this, and even the New York Times has published on this in February, 2022.

The CDC and the FDA need to be brought to heel.

Robert W Malone, MD, MS is the creator of mRNA and DNA vaccinations, as well as RNA as a medicine. He is a scientist, physician, author, podcaster, pundit, and activist and a believer in our fundamental right to free expression. This post was first published on Substack.

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