Norfolk Southern Train Derails In Alabama, Third In Several Weeks

Another Norfolk Southern train derailed in Alabama on Thursday morning, the company confirmed in a statement to Axios.

This is the third such incident since early February. A derailment of a two-mile-long freight train in East Palestine, Ohio that was carrying hazardous chemicals has put a spotlight on the company and left residents of East Palestine concerned about the safety of their air and water.

According to the local newspaper Ohio Star, animals have been found dead across Ohio State Parks after the East Palestine Train Derailment.

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  1. My father and paternal grandfather both worked for the old B&LE (If I had any practical sense, I’d have joined them.). Unfortunately, the first budget companies cut seems to be Maintenance. If NS wants fewer derailments, then (1) railcar wheels must be checked; (2) engineers who disregard signal warnings must be fired; (3) the signal system and its inspectors must be prioritized; (4) C-suite execs must reconsider a regulatory structure where the Secretary of Transportation (not just Mayor Pete, but anyone else) could be replaced by a robot–with no change in outcomes.

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