New York Has Started Erecting Thousands Of Giant Gray 5G Towers

According to a New York Times report, New York has started erecting thousands of giant grey 5G towers.

New York Has Started Erecting Thousands Of Giant Gray 5G Towers 1

New York City is starting to be overrun with enormous, unsightly 5G towers, and despite their attempts to look futuristic, many people can’t help but notice how much of an eyesore the additions to the city streets have become.

According to a recent New York Times report, the columns are gray and colored and are around 32 feet tall, with some of them dwarfing three story buildings. They also appear suddenly and with little to no notice.

In the Brooklyn borough of Bedford-Stuyvesant, a store owner stated, “We were shocked because we had no idea what it was.” Owner of Stripper Stain & Supplies Marion Little claims that his clients and neighbors have inquired about it.

He told the New York Times:“They’ve been emailing me, calling me weekends, Facebooking me, like, ‘Yo, what’s that?’ and I’m sitting there like, ‘I have no clue.’”

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New York Has Started Erecting Thousands Of Giant Gray 5G Towers 2

“I wasn’t even quite sure what it was,” another resident told The Times about a tower popping up in his neighborhood. “The buses turn here. It’s going to be easy to miscalculate and hit the thing,” he said of the tower’s placement at a B26 bus stop.

“Never have I heard one mention of residents asking for a tower to be placed where we live,” said Democratic liaison for the 57th Assembly District in Fort Greene Renee Collymore. Before this tower came, I had fine service. What, a call dropped every now and then? So what. You keep going.”

Who wants to look at something like that, a resident of Chinatown referred to the tower as a “monstrosity.”

While she was away, Upper East Side resident Chelsea Formica received a call from her husband informing her of the event: “He was like, ‘Hey, you know, they put something up outside of our window. I’m just laying here on the couch and it’s pretty big.’”

She was shocked when she got back home: “I was like, Oh, my God, freaking out. It’s huge. It’s so big.”

Throughout accordance with an agreement, CityBridge and LinkNYC will install 2,000 of the towers in New York City over the course of several years. Many of the old payphone towers have been replaced by new ones. The towers have not yet been put into action.

According to the article, more towers will be built atop street lamps and traffic lights.

According to The Times, 90% of the new towers will be located “above 96th Street in Manhattan and in neighborhoods in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island.” They will offer residents free use of Wi-Fi and digital calling. Additionally, carriers like AT&T and Verizon will have access to the towers to compliment existing infrastructure.

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New York Has Started Erecting Thousands Of Giant Gray 5G Towers 3


  1. Note, no Lower Manhattan or Central Park. I’ve tried to understand this tech and find nothing less that jeopardy to human, animal, plant and insect life. It’s known as a ‘ZAP’ and plugs directly into the high frequencies used to manipulate rat behavior.
    Then there’s the sheep…WAKE UP TO THE INSULT NYC,’they’ think you do not think!

  2. I have a 5g tower antenna, you’re not supposed let anyone get within 15ft of it while it’s powered up. That’s why they put these things it up high.

  3. The towers look monstrous …. but that is the least of the problem. Up tot this very day there has not been a single safety study on 5G EMF radiation while internet providers have been roling out a worldwide network. That is insane. At the same time it is well known from technical experts from the defense industry that 5G radiation is dangerous and even may kill people and animals. But there is more: at various places birds are falling dead from the sky …. but no single reaction from authorities or media. There are no safe levels of EMF radiation. So what on earth give the providers the right to place these towers everywhere …. And where are the institutions and governments paid by the people and who should work for the people ??

    But there is more: look at the parallels with covid mRNA injections. No safety tests were done with 5G and no safety tests were done with the mRNA injections. Where were the authorities verifying the large companies ?? After two years of research by independent institutions we now learn that there are nano routers and graphene-oxide in the vaccines (read Laquinta Columna) and there is clear evidence (yes there is !!!!!) that vaxxed people can be monitored via their specific mac address ….. You will agree that this is the sole reason that the Deep State want everybody jabbed so that they can control and monitor everybody. The truth is that the corona virus was created to enable people to be vaccinated and when they received the jab, they can be followed and controlled with 5G communication language.

    The situation is that large corporations, large banks, governments, NGO’s and media control the world with the people as their asset to generate money and more assets.
    Tha same elite have the intention to depopulate planet earth. Just because they consider earth their property.
    Why on earth are people so stupid to let this happen?
    If you want to know more about everything that is going on please read with
    And if you want to know about the plans the elite have with the “useless eaters” then please read the link of Klaus Schwab below :

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