Investigators Find Neo Nazi Torture Chambers In Ukraine

Proof of criminal behavior by Ukrainian forces against Russian troops, Donbass residents, and militiamen has largely gone unnoticed by Western politicians and the media. The latest evidence was uncovered when investigators found Neo-Nazi torture chambers in Ukraine.

Investigators Find Neo Nazi Torture Chambers In Ukraine 1

Russian and Donbass investigators have gathered volumes of evidence dating back to 2014 on probable war crimes committed by Ukrainian neo-Nazi organizations against Russian forces, Donbass militia members, and civilians. Additional proof of similar acts has surfaced since Moscow launched its demilitarization campaign in Ukraine.

Russian security troops patrolling in the liberated Kherson region uncovered a makeshift torture cell that might have been utilized by neo-Nazis or the Ukrainian military.

The facility, which contained the corpse of a person in a Russian military outfit with his legs cut off and wired to detonate, was discovered near the village of Zelenovka, approximately 7 kilometers northeast of Kherson, according to a security service source.

“The rigged body, presumably that of a Russian serviceman, was found in the basement of the ‘Old Oak’ roadside cafe along the M-14 highway in Zelenovka. The body has the remnants of special military clothing used by the Russian Armed Forces. The body has no legs, shows signs of torture, and has a slit larynx”, the source said.

The body was alleged to have been discovered atop an anti-tank mine with TNT in the vicinity, with the arrangement presumably intended to murder anyone who discovered it.

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Syringes, probably for narcotics, and a significant number of plastic containers, allegedly for storing US-made Javelin anti-tank weapons, were also discovered strewn about the cafe premises.

Footage from the incident was handed to the media by the investigators.

Warning! The content is really graphic. Some viewers may find the film disturbing and should avoid watching it:

Officials in Russia, the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics, and Ukraine’s regular army have devoted several years towards collecting evidence of potential war crimes in the Donbass, including the torture and killing of citizens and Donbass militiamen in a labyrinth of hidden prisons.

Following Russia’s military incursion in Ukraine in February, more proof of neo-Nazi battalions’ brutality, this time towards captured Russian servicemen, started to emerge. Late in March, Ukrainian or Ukrainian-allied forces took and published a video of themselves posing with what seemed to be Russian POWs sprawled in pools of blood with their hands tied, one soldier shot dead on camera. A mercenary told Danish media last month that Ukrainian troops were executing Russian POWs.

Nationalists serving in Ukrainian armed units were also accused of committing atrocities against their own people. After troops started to concede en masse, a Ukrainian serviceman caught by Russian and Lugansk People’s Militia forces claimed that militants from the Right Sector battalion had founded an obstructing detachment in his group and threatened to murder anybody who “ran in the wrong direction” during engagements.

Proof of criminal behavior by Ukrainian forces against Russian troops, Donbass residents, and militiamen has largely gone unnoticed by Western politicians and the media, while social media companies and search engines have moved to suppress stories linking Ukrainian forces in such crimes.

Rather, US and European officials have concentrated on purported Russian war crimes, such as the finding of up to 300 dead civilians following the Russian military’s retreat from the territory in the Kiev suburb of Bucha.

Independent media investigations have since thrown suspicion on Russia’s participation in the killings, citing proof that the criminal activity occurred after Ukrainian military police units and neo-Nazi national guard formations arrived, promising to persecute “Russian collaborators” which included anybody who accepted food from Russian troops.

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  1. Each side is claiming war crimes committed by the other side. Why is this war happening? Who’s the “good guy” and who’s the “bad guy”? The only thing I’m certain of is that truth is being held captive.

  2. It is easy everyone on TV and in Government say hate Russia. Really you still don’t see? Dude Russia isn’t the bad guy here. We are hinding some stuff I just don’t know why Putun just doesn’t come out and say it. Or maybe he already has.

  3. Well, those investigators who found evidence that Ukraine tortures people or treats them like Nazi concentration camp prisoners loves Putin and wants to have his babies because Zelensky is pure as the driven snow. I know because Lindsey Graham and Brandon said so.

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