Who Is Joe Biden’s First Wife Neilia Hunter

Neilia Hunter was a vibrant and accomplished individual whose life was tragically cut short. She was a loving wife to Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, and a devoted mother to their children. Despite her untimely death in 1972, Hunter’s legacy lives on as an inspiration to all who knew her. Let’s see just who was Joe Biden’s first wife, Neilia Hunter.

Who Is Joe Biden's First Wife Neilia Hunter

Neilia Hunter was the first wife of Joe Biden, the 46th and current President of the United States of America. She was born in Skaneateles, New York, on July 28, 1942. She died in an automobile accident with her 13-month-old daughter, Naomi, on December 18, 1972, the same day Joe Biden won his first senate campaign. Beau, then four years old, and Hunter, three years old at the time and also in the car, were severely injured but survived the collision.

Neilia Hunter Bio

Birth Name: Neilia Hunter
Age: 30
Date of Birth: July 28, 1942
Place of Birth: Skaneateles, New York, US
Date of Death: December 18, 1972
Place of Death: Wilmington, Delaware, US
Nationality: American
Occupation: Teacher
Father: Louise Hunter
Mother: Robert Hunter
Spouse: Joe Biden
Children: Joseph Robinette “Beau”, Robert Hunter, and Naomi Christina “Amy”
Grandchildren: Natalie, Hunter

Early Life and Career

Her mother’s name was Louise, and her father’s name was Rober Hunter. Neilia was the oldest of three siblings, the others being John and Michael. Aside from that, we do not know anything about her family. This is also due to the fact that she did not speak much about her family.

Neilia Hunter was born in 1942 to Louise and Robert Hunter. She attended the private school Penn Hall in Pennsylvania.

Who Is Joe Biden's First Wife Neilia Hunter 2

She was an active member of the French Club, Student Council, Hockey, and Swimming.

She later attended Syracuse University and worked as a teacher in the Syracuse City School District after graduating from high school. She worked as a teacher at Bellevue Academy as well.

Marriage and Family

Biden and Neilia met in Nassau, Bahamas, when Biden traveled to Syracuse to pursue his law degree.

Biden was accepted to the law school where Neilia was already enrolled.

Soon after that, on August 27, 1966, the pair married. Joseph Beau Biden, Robert Biden, and Naomi Biden were born to Biden’s wife.

Who Is Joe Biden's First Wife Neilia Hunter 3
Neilia Hunter cutting a cake on their daughter’s birthday with her husband

Religious Belief of Neilia

Neilia and Biden were raised in distinct religious traditions. Biden is a devout Catholic, whereas Neilia was raised as a Presbyterian. Her parents reared her as a Republican.

How Neilia Helped Biden in His Political campaign?

Following their marriage, Neilia and Biden relocated to Wilmington, Delaware. Biden worked as a lawyer and participated on the New Castle Country Council while there. Biden enlists the assistance of Neilia to become the junior United States Senator from Delaware against J. Caleb Boggs. According to reports, Neilia was the “brains” of the campaign. Despite the fact that she was simply a teacher, she assisted her husband in his political efforts.

00Neilia Hunter Grandchildren

Neilia Hunter was the mother of three children, one daughter and two sons. Naomi Biden, Beau Biden, and Hunter Biden, in that order. Naomi died along with Neilia, while the other two boys are still alive.

Beau has two children, Natalie and Robert Biden. Hunter Biden, on the other hand, has three daughters from his first marriage: Naomi, Finnegan, and Maisy.

Neilia Hunter’s Death

On December 18, 1972, Neilia Hunter Death was driving with her children in Hockessin, Delaware, after Biden was chosen senator.

Neilia was driving on the tractor-trailer lane at the intersection of Limestone Road when she pulled out right in front of a trailer because she was not aware of the oncoming truck.

Who Is Joe Biden's First Wife Neilia Hunter 4

The ambulance took Neilia and her three children to Wilmington General Hospital.

Upon arrival, Neilia and her daughter Naomi were pronounced dead, while the two sons were severely injured. Biden was sworn in as senator at the hospital two weeks after the accident. Naomi and Neilia were carried to the Brandywine Cemetery in Delaware.

How Her Death Transformed Biden’s Politics

The death of Neilia Biden had a significant impact on Joe Biden’s political activity. Everything changed, from his manner of speech to his beliefs. Biden used his own experiences to connect with individuals who have experienced similar loss.

Her Legacy

At Yale University in 2015, Joe Biden stated in regards to his wife that “The incredible bond I have with my children is the gift I’m not sure I would have had, had I not been through what I went through. But by focusing on my sons, I found my redemption”.

Who Is Joe Biden's First Wife Neilia Hunter 5

In honor of Neilia Biden, Neilia Hunter Biden Park was established in New Castle County, Delaware. Two students from Cayuga Community College in Auburn receive the Neilia Hunter Biden Award each year, one for journalism and the other for English literature. Her memorial plaque was chosen for Bellevue Elementary School.

The Visit

Biden delivered an introductory lecture to SU, which he had visited in May 2009. A Neilia memorial was established in SCSD a year later. On the same day, he took part in another event at Bellevue Elementary School, which was two miles away. Teachers, administrators, and more than 100 students had sent letters urging that Mr. Biden visit the school. On Mother’s Day, they saw Vice President Biden in the school auditorium. He increased the excitement by ignoring the stool and sitting on the steps to be closer to the students. He recalled the days when he drove 300 miles every weekend to visit the school.

Who Is Joe Biden's First Wife Neilia Hunter 6
Joe Biden standing with their new wife

He used to play basketball with the youngsters after school meetings while waiting for Neilia. He went on to talk about his special connection to the school. One of the service members followed him and his brother-in-law into the gymnasium after the speech session.
He ran into Wojenski. Her eighth-grade teacher was Neilia. She also remembered going to Delaware to help Neilia with her children. Neilia was the one who kept Wojenski company when she most needed it. Biden began to cry. He also mentioned how comfortable he felt around her.

Black Hole in Biden’s Chest

Later, Joe Bien wrote about the incident. His wife and daughter’s deaths were heartbreaking. It took several years and the family’s support to rebuild a family and a life. Biden also described his 2012 visit to the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. He claimed in his description that he used to feel suicidal at times.

He inspired the other survivors by telling them to concentrate on what their loved ones wished them to do. He also assured that such an initiative would make them smile.

It has been revealed that classified documents were found at the residence of President Joe Biden. The classified Biden docs found in his Delaware garage was actually next to his corvette.

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    Second, Joe Biden didn’t suffer loneliness and heartbreak for years after Nelia’s death; quite the contrary, he took up with the babysitter, later marrying her – “Dr. Jill.”

    Third, Joe Biden’s notorious penchant for plagiarism and totally fabricating stories to bend the heartstrings of his audience undermines any possibility of compassion for his potential actual suffering. He’s just told way too many whoppers, far too many times.

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