Rise In Mysterious Needle Attacks In Nightclubs Across Europe

Many countries across Europe, like the UK and France, have reported a rise in mysterious needle attacks in nightclubs.

Rise In Mysterious Needle Attacks In Nightclubs Across Europe 1

In recent months, more than 300 people in France have reported being pricked with needles out of the blue at nightclubs or concerts.

Despite the fact that doctors and prosecutors are working on the case, no one knows who is doing it or why, or whether the victims have been injected with drugs or anything at all.

People in Paris, Toulouse, Nantes, Nancy, Rennes, and other French cities have reported being pricked with a needle without their permission or knowledge.

The targeted individuals, who are mostly women, have visible injection marks, such as bruises, and report symptoms such as feeling groggy.

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Club owners and police are attempting to promote awareness, and a rapper even interrupted his show to warn concertgoers about the dangers of unexpected needle attacks.

The issue is not exclusive to France.

A spate of “needle spiking” in the United Kingdom is being investigated by the UK government, and authorities in Belgium and the Netherlands are also looking into isolated occurrences.

Tomas Laux, 18, went to a rap concert in Lille, northern France, on May 4th, and smoked marijuana and drank alcohol during the show.

He stated he felt dizzy and had a headache when he got home, and he noticed a little skin puncture on his arm as well as a bruise.

When the symptoms didn’t go away the next morning, Mr Laux went to the doctor and then to A&E, where medics confirmed evidence of a needle prick.

He was tested for HIV and hepatitis, and his results, like those of other victims, were negative.

“I’ve given up going to concerts since it happened,” Mr Laux added.

According to the French National Police, 302 persons have filed formal complaints regarding needle pricks.

Several police investigations are underway in various parts of the country, but no suspects have been apprehended, no needle has been discovered, and the reason remains unknown.

After a spike in such incidents last year, the UK parliament produced a report in April on drink and needle spiking in pubs and nightclubs.

Around October 2021, when COVID limits were loosened, police reported roughly 1,000 instances of needle injection across the country, according to the report.

However, according to the parliament report, there is a lack of data to assess the severity of the problem.

It’s unclear if anyone has been charged with needle spiking or how many people have been injected with drugs or other substances.

“This has to stop,” rapper Dinos stated during a concert in Strasbourg this week, while investigations continue and no suspects have been located in France.

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