NATO Warmongers Slowly Admitting Ukraine Can’t Win

Despite Ukraine continuously launching men and equipment at Russia’s defensive lines, the country has not achieved significant progress. As a result, there seems to be a shift in the Western perspective on the conflict.

NATO Warmongers Slowly Admitting Ukraine Can’t Win

US media is now recognizing that the Ukraine conflict might not turn out as victorious as previously portrayed by Western leadership. One media outlet even quotes experts who openly admit that Ukraine is unlikely to defeat Russia on the battlefield. Moreover, these experts assert that Russia never intended to conquer Ukraine or expand westward after their special military operation.

Steven Myers, an Air Force veteran and former State Department adviser, shared his views with the mainstream media, stating that Russia’s tactics are far from being aimed at conquest. This perspective challenges the previous narrative promoted by Western media and governments, which suggested that Russia could potentially attack other European nations after the special operation. Myers adds that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s sole objective was to prevent Ukraine from joining NATO.

“Strategically, this war was lost by both sides before it started. It will end in stalemate, which I now think was Putin’s intent from the get-go,” Myers said.

Additionally, Meyers highlighted the unrealistic expectations set by NATO, the US, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky regarding the potential outcomes of their tactics. Despite the challenging circumstances on the ground, Zelensky has consistently pledged to restore Ukraine to its pre-2014 borders, even though achieving such a goal appears nearly impossible.

“President Biden, NATO and Zelensky have trapped themselves in a Catch 22 of their own making – unable to deliver on unrealistic expectations they created,” Meyers said.

It is worth noting that Meyers had previously advocated for mediation to bring an end to the conflict in February. At that time, he expressed the urgency of the situation, emphasizing that Ukraine was facing a desperate situation and calling for an end to the tragedy.

During the same period, the outlet also consulted Sean McFate, a professor of strategy at the National Defense University and Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, as well as a senior fellow at the Atlantic Council, a think tank known for its pro-war stance.

However, even McFate acknowledged that Ukraine would likely be unable to reclaim its former territories from Russia. He admitted that Ukraine’s counteroffensive had been faltering and that NATO was experiencing weariness and disappointment with Zelensky’s aggressive rhetoric. This stance was causing the comedian-turned-president to lose credibility with his NATO allies, whom he considered Ukraine’s main asset.

According to McFate, Zelensky found himself in a difficult situation, unable to secure a clear victory yet unable to afford defeat either. The professor criticized the idea of providing more weapons to Ukraine with the expectation that they could achieve victory, deeming it to be “the definition of insanity.”

In the West, the prevailing narrative had previously portrayed Ukraine as winning the conflict and suggested that Russia’s Army was on the brink of collapse. Additionally, it had fueled hope for an imminent Ukrainian breakthrough. However, as months passed with repeated claims but little progress, the narrative seems to be undergoing a significant shift. It has become increasingly apparent that Ukraine’s much-anticipated counteroffensive was failing to yield the gains that its Western supporters had hoped for.

Despite Ukraine’s failures on the front lines, US officials seem determined to maintain a positive outlook. National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby recently asserted that the situation has not devolved into a stalemate, claiming that Ukrainian forces are still advancing. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that their progress is not as significant or rapid as desired.

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On Tuesday, reports emerged of the commencement of the “main thrust” of Ukraine’s counteroffensive, with thousands of reserve troops deployed to the front line. However, no significant breakthroughs against Russian forces have been reported. Instead, Ukraine continues to suffer substantial losses in terms of both troops and equipment, including additional Western tanks destroyed near the Rabotine settlement in the Zaporozhye region.

This location has come to be known as “Bradley Square” due to the destruction of several US M2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and German Leopard 2A6 tanks.

Since intensifying their attacks in the region earlier in the week, more destroyed M2 Bradleys have accumulated.

A senior Pentagon aide, speaking to a New York-based newspaper, indicated that this latest push will be a crucial test for Ukraine. President Putin announced on Sunday that over 26,000 Ukrainian troops have lost their lives since the start of the counteroffensive.

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  1. Every world power eventually takes “that step too far.” For Persia it was Greece, for Macedonia it was India, for Rome it was Parthia, for Spain it was Latin America, for Britain it was India, for Russia it was Afghanistan. As long as war promotes home-country industry and banking, the incentive for “just one more war” will continue. President Biden never got 2 cents of credit for shutting down an Afghan conflict the Pentagon dearly wanted to continue (NOBODY gets out of Afghanistan unscathed.). So now he’s supposed to commit political suicide by ending a second war?

  2. Political suicide happened to him 10 or 20 years ago, he’s only where he is right now because of hatred for someone else..

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