3 Die Of Mystery Illness In Tanzania

Three people have died of a mystery illness in Tanzania. Tanzanian medical professionals are looking into the unidentified disease that killed three individuals in the country.

Three Die Of Mystery Illness In Tanzania

The chief medical officer of Tanzania said on Wednesday that a group of doctors and health experts had been deployed to investigate after a mysterious sickness that caused a fever, headaches, fatigue, and nosebleeds claimed the lives of three individuals and affected ten more.

Tanzania’s chief medical officer, Aifello Sichalwe, noted that despite the symptoms appearing to be similar to hemorrhagic fevers caused by the Marburg and Ebola viruses as well as Covid-19, none of the victims had any of those illnesses. The official asked his compatriots to maintain their composure, noting that a government-backed team of experts was on the scene.

Only one individual has recovered from the 13 recorded cases of the strange illness identified in the southeast Lindi district. Sichalwe added that the remaining patients are being kept in isolation after three had passed away.

President Samia Suluhu Hassan said on Tuesday that the “growing interaction” between people and wild animals may have contributed to the “strange” disease. He attributed the purported cross-species leap to “environmental degradation.” She made no specific comments about what kind of animal might have been at fault or offered any evidence to support the ambiguous statement.

Last week, two probable Marburg virus cases were identified in Ghana, raising concerns of a new outbreak because the illness is unusual in West Africa. Marburg, a fatal hemorrhagic disease that may infect humans and spread between humans by close contact and bodily fluids, can cause the death of up to 88 percent of those it infects. However, given that Tanzania and Ghana are separated by almost 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers), it is highly unlikely that the two disease clusters are related.

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