Myanmar Military Seizes Bank Accounts of George Soros’ Open Society Foundation For Funding Unrest

The Myanmar military regime has seized the bank accounts of billionaire George Soros’ Open Society Foundation (OSF) for fomenting unrest in the country by funding massive protests. An arrest warrant had been issued for 11 OSF members on suspicion of funding protests against the military junta.

Myanmar Military Seizes Bank Accounts of George Soros' Open Society Foundation For Funding Unrest

The Myanmar military is also planning to take legal action against billionaire George Soros’ OSF. Massive protests have been funded by OSF and local authorities are also planning to arrest other employees of OSF. An official from OSF, Phyu Pa Pa Thaw, has already been detained by local authorities.  

The Military also took control of illegal flow of money to OSF and controlled assets of OSF bank accounts at SMED and Co-operative Bank (CB), Ayeyarwady Bank (AYA) and Kanbawza Bank (KBZ).

The military-controlled MRTV made an announcement on Monday. An arrest warrant had been issued for 11 OSF members on suspicion of funding protests against the military junta. These arrests would be on suspension of controversial NGO passed funds to opponents of a Feb. 1 coup.

The IMF sent $350 million in cash to the Myanmar government just days before the military coup as part of an emergency aid package to help the country tackle the COVID-19 pandemic.

The money was sent days before Myanmar’s State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi and other senior figures from the governing National League for Democracy were arrested in an early morning raid on Monday in the capital Naypyitaw.

The OSF is also accused of withdrawing $1.4 million illegally. This money was withdrawn from organization’s account at SMED 7 days after military takeover in Mynmar.

The military said “it would take legal action against SMED for allowing OSF to deposit $5 million and withdraw $1.4 million without obtaining approval from the CBM.”

OSF has refuted the allegations.

“Claims of financial misconduct, including that OSM acted illegally by withdrawing their own funds in local currency from the SMID bank, are false,” Open Society Foundations said.

George Soros’s Open Society Foundations also funded numerous BLM style racial movements to topple US President Donald Trump

As reported by GreatGameIndia, a three judge court in Peru has ruled that the COVID-19 pandemic was started by the billionaires Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller.

Despite the ruling, “fact-checkers” concluded that the Peruvian court had no evidence to make such a judgement citing declaration from the WHO and CDC who have lost all its credibility.

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  1. The first thing I thought when I heard about the coup was , “If the coup favors a progressive candidate , Soros is behind it.” Sure enough. Watch Myanmar news carefully for what they find in their investigation. Of course , their left wing news will be OSF aligned garbage rife with falsities and deception, much like in the US. Their near monopoly here certainly won’t be directing any attention that way.

  2. Seems 2 me, doesen’t matter which country or nation in the world, where money in concerned ANY government will stoop 2 what every means 2 obtain it. Makes me wonder who is rite and who is wrong.??? Who the hell do or can we trust in 2days bloody world.??????

  3. The OSF has funded agitation, riot and revolt in dozens of countries, including the USA. But only the Myanmar military were patriotic enough and courageous enough to actually stand up against the RobberBaron-funded subversion of the OSF. Good on the Myanmar military, you have defended your country and your people, unlike, say, the US military who kowtowed to Joe Stolen and the massive vote fraud that brought him and his handlers into power.

  4. Theory: OSF , WEF , and IMF are at the root of nearly all dischord and frustration around the world. I believe the wealthy people that make up these organizations are motivated by the inherent guilt of having too much and not recognizing the inherent burden of excess. It may not be innate “evil” as it would appear at first glance. But that makes it even more insidious and challenging to deal with. They are compelled by the understandable but foolish egoistic altruism that tells them they’ll achieve purpose , fulfillment and relief if they contribute themselves in zeal to what they presume to be humanity’s pressing issues. They fail to see the error in their choice of issues and solutions. And it’s made further egregious by the clandestine methods of subversion and deception that they use to forcefully implement what they’ve determined to be the necessary. The reality is that their “helping” is probably the most destructive. Or more specifically the imposition of their privileged , emotion driven , moral conclusions onto society.

  5. Yea for Myanmar! 🙂 I hope they hang many osf coup plotters.They can come to America and round up our traitorous,prochina marxists,too.Take Their assets and distribute to poor,oldies and families of n.home covd patients who got sick due to Whitchmer and cuomo sending human vectors there.

  6. Ha,how naive!Helping is their coverstory for theft,genocide,fraud,lying,manipulating,corrupting,and destroying.Look up Kazarians.The cabal cares only about themselves.Watch the film,Europa.Read about The Aldritch Plan to enslave America-it did.You dont help Africans by lying and saying they have a disease and then convice or shame thezm into taking toxic,nonhealing chemicals like AZT.You dont help India by paralyzing/killing hundreds of thousands with polio vacc.You dont help feed people in India or Africa by taking over alot of land and/or forcing gmo seeds and toxic pesticides on the farmers and pay thrm slavewages,to boot!Why do you think the Indian farmers have been committing suicide and are protesting?Gates trues to contro dr.s like Dr. Mercola because he tells the truth about the importance of healthy foods and nutrition as well as tries to help covd sufferers ameliorate symptoms with natural interventions,Not toxic drugs or deathjabs.Some of the aforementioned rich are satanists,maybe even most and they hate humans Not in their inner circle.Wake Up!! 🙂

  7. It’s possible but too dark for people to get behind, especially regular democrats. They won’t buy it. Ultimately , the motivation is not all that important. The behavior is whats important since that’s what affects other people. Whether they think they’re saving the world or they’re just psychotic and delusional , the behavior can be the same. And it’s looking very egregious lately, especially what they do with mainstream media.

  8. Oh by the way, several years ago it got reported that Soros took something like 21Billion$ out of his back pocket and dumped it into his Open Society Fund. WHERE did that kind of $$ come from? was it really legit from wizard Soros’s investment prowess? Or maybe banker funny money?

  9. As you propably know jews give their fellowcompatriots interest free credits. the first he got propably from rothschild as he is his agent. later he made currency speculations against
    other nations what helped the jewish drive to JEW WORLD ORDER government with only
    one world currency. legal is nothing from jews. they just do it .
    the Myanmar military have my blessing in case they drive out any rothschild-rockefeller-
    bill gates-klaus schwab infiltrations with their covid vax fraud agenda . same with the
    north korean diktator .

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