mRNA Immune System Dysregulation

Time for a story in Q+A format. Why?

By now, you have probably heard about the Science Immunology paper (read below) showing that people who have received mRNA Covid vaccines produce more of an unusual antibody called IgG4 over time. A number of mRNA skeptics, including me, wrote about it last week.

mRNA Immune System Dysregulation

But the reasons why the paper is so troubling may still not be clear. So here’s a (with luck) digestible explanation, starting with what is probably the most important question: what’s the worst-case scenario?

1: What’s the worst-case scenario?

Glad you asked.

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The worst-case scenario: the mRNA shots lead to a doom loop, robbing vaccinated people of a crucial immune system tool against the coronavirus in a way that worsens with each new infection.

Thus, over time, the average severity of Covid infections will increase. People will take longer to get better once they’re infected. Hospitalizations and deaths will rise. The health-care system will come under worsening strain.

Oh, and some people may suffer nasty autoimmune side effects too, including pancreatitis, kidney disease, and even aneurysms.

2: Is that all?

Not quite. The truly worst-case scenario would come if those changes combine with a new, more dangerous Sars-Cov-2 variant that our weakened immune systems cannot clear.

3: Seriously? How likely is all that?

Yes, seriously.

How likely? No one knows. The good news is that we are probably relatively safe from a more dangerous variant as long as Omicron subvariants predominate. Since Omicron first appeared in late 2021, it has gone through many mutations but remained less dangerous than the original or Delta variants.

As for the “doom loop?” It is probably not very likely, but does “not very” mean 3 percent chance? 20 percent ? 40 percent? Anyone who claims to know is lying. We know much less about the immune system than we pretend, and even less about how these specific changes might affect people in the long run.

As the researchers who found this anomaly noted, it has not yet been proven to cause worse disease in the people it affects. But it hasn’t been disproven either. Researchers simply have not looked at real-world outcomes in enough people who have these changes to know.

4: So what are the changes again?

Our immune systems make antibodies against “antigens,” invaders like the coronavirus. Those antibodies attach to the antigens and play two crucial roles – they “neutralize” them by keeping them out of our cells, and they recruit other parts of the immune system to destroy them.

Vaccinations like the mRNA shots accelerate this process by pre-exposing people to the antigen, so that our bodies know how to respond to it before they are infected. The mRNA shots do so by causing our cells to make a part of the coronavirus called the spike protein. They are very effective at making us make spike proteins. In response, our immune systems make very high levels of anti-spike protein antibodies.

5: That’s good, right?

Well, yes and no. We clear those vaccine-generated antibodies much more quickly than “natural” antibodies we make in response to infection. This fact became clear within months of the original two-dose vaccination series. Thus the push for boosters, which (briefly) cause another rise in antibodies.

But the Science Immunology paper showed something else, something unusual and unexpected. People who have received mRNA shots make more of an antibody called IgG4, which doesn’t try very hard to destroy the invaders. That process accelerates sharply in people who have received a booster, a third shot.

It accelerates further in people who are infected after being jabbed. Thus the potential doom loop, leaving vaccinated people with only these IgG4 antibodies.

6: And then they would totally unprotected from the coronavirus?

No. IgG4s could still offer some protection through their ability to “neutralize” the Sars-Cov-2 viral particles – preventing them from entering our cells and replicating. (Unlike bacteria, viruses cannot reproduce on their own – they need our own cellular machinery to do so.)

The problem is that the Omicron coronavirus spike has a different shape than the spikes of earlier coronavirus variants. The anti-spike protein antibodies we generate – either after infection or vaccination – already have a harder time neutralizing it.

So we could be facing a double whammy; our immune systems would have antibodies that would still attach to the virus, but they would do a bad job both destroying it and keeping it from entering our cells.

7: That sounds bad.

It is. We would still have protection through our T-cells, which form a final line of defense. But other research has shown that T-cells don’t match up as well against Omicron as against earlier variants, though they lose their potency relatively slowly compared to antibodies. Research has also shown that additional boosting doesn’t help the T-cell response.

8: So if boosters don’t help T-cells, and they cause this IgG4 issue, and the antibodies disappear in a matter of months, and they don’t work very well against Omicron anyway, we have absolutely no reason to give anyone more mRNA shots?

Bingo. Correct. Yes. (Except for vaccine company profits.)

At this point, the long- and medium-term downsides clearly outweigh whatever short-term increase in antibodies boosters provide.

9: So what can vaccinated people do, if more shots are off the table?

Mask up!

I jest. At this point, vaccinated people do not have any real options to stop the IgG4 process. However, being infected with Sars-Cov-2 could provide some protection –

10: I thought you said that was part of the doom loop?

Hold on!

-by helping the immune system create antibodies to another part of the virus called the nucleocapsid. These anti-nucleocapsid antibodies will not stop future infections, but they may help stop severe disease. (Yes, more infections might both help and hurt. The immune system is tricky.)

11: Do you have any good news?

Since the paper came out, certain aggressive anti-vaccine writers have offered horrifying scenarios, for example claiming the IgG4 changes might hurt our ability to fight the flu and other viruses. Those theories are vanishingly unlikely. But the real issues are plenty serious.

12: But this is all speculative, right?

Yes. Except that it explains the growing divergence between the countries that used mRNA and those that did not in the last few months. China aside, the mRNA countries have performed far worse than the the rest of the world since early 2022. The mRNA countries have had huge numbers of Covid infections and reinfections that seem divorced from any seasonality. Covid hospitalizations and deaths have been relatively low, but those are now rising too. And overall excess mortality has been stubbornly high.

13: So scientists and health authorities and the vaccine companies are now going to launch an all-hands investigation to figure out how serious this finding might be?

You’re funny.

14: Seriously –

Seriously has anything in the last two years suggested such an investigation is coming?

15: Right. Okay. Speaking of the companies, shouldn’t they have known about this IgG4 stuff?

Yes. This finding is vitally important, and should have become part of the discussion around boosters more than a year ago.

16: Did they? Did they say anything?

Did they? It’s not clear. They certainly didn’t say anything publicly (as far as I can tell). Did they privately tell regulators? Probably not, because even the most industry-captured regulatory agency would have had to make this information public.

17: What now?

Hopefully some independent and honest academics will investigate both the changes that are occurring on the cellular level and how they may be impacting people’s response to the virus. And we all wait and hope that the ugly trends that countries like Japan – which is very highly mRNA vaccinated and just had its worst month for coronavirus deaths since the epidemic began – do not continue.

mRNA Immune System Dysregulation 2

18: Wait? That’s the best you got? Wait?

Not waiting – wanting medicine at Warp Speed – is what got us into this mess to begin with.

Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter and the author of 13 novels, three non-fiction books, and the Unreported Truths booklets. His newest book, PANDEMIA, on the coronavirus and our response to it, was published on Nov. 30. This article was originally published on Unreported Truths.

Read the document below:

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  2. And this is why: Those who have “volunteered” to have the experimental synthetic mRNA test vaccines were forecast to be injured, or die, 6 months before the vaccines were released in early 2021, at 1,000 American’s a day.
    However, by February and March of 2021 the deaths and injuries far exceeded the projected, expected kill and injury rate and further millions of American Dollars were released to General Dynamics (the contracted records recording company), to handle the considerable increase in deaths and injuries to be recorded for VAERS by the CDC, which is funded by Bill Gates, which presumably he owns to some extent. “He who pays the piper calls the tune” – logic.
    VAERS records 1% of all deaths and injuries and it has been suggested that multiplying VAERS numbers by 41 (x41) a more accurate picture can be achieved, so when the CDC was expecting 1,000 American’s to be killed and injured by vaccines, in actual fact, it was nearer 41,000 American’s were being killed and injured, on a daily basis – however – this does not take into account the many millions more, around the world, who were being deliberately killed or injured, by these vaccines – which can only be described as Genocide, had they been “human”.
    Vaccines purpose not to save anyone from Covid, but to install nanotechnology, past the blood brain barrier, and into the very workings of the body, in billions of lipid packages in each synthetic mRNA vaccine shot – which also contains 99% Graphene Oxide particles – advanced nanotechnology which we won’t be able to produce, with our limited scientific understanding of any nanotechnology, before 2035 – yet this advanced nanotechnology was being injected, deliberately from January 2021 – which begs the question – “we” did not have that 2035 nanotechnology in 2021, so what, or who did?
    The experimental synthetic test mRNA are patented to the vaccine maker of choice, or the USDOD, because the synthetic mRNA are not naturally occurring in the body and only those who “volunteer” to have the vaccines, can have them, because, according to US Law (2013) anyone synthetically mRNA vaccinated is no longer human and all human rights are lost. They are a new species for which zero rights have been passed into Law and their bodies are now owned by the vaccine maker of choice, like a GMO product, so the deliberate 2035 injected nanotechnology , Graphene Oxide causing murder and injury – Genocide, is not covered by any Law and is perfectly acceptable and legal, by our human Laws, which we the not vaccinated are covered by, as long as we refuse to volunteer, for these experimental synthetic mRNA test vaccines:
    There were no COVID-19 vaccines close to approval on August 27, 2020. In fact, the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine trial phase 2/3 had only started a month earlier on July 27.The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020. It outlines a series of services the company was to provide to the CDC pursuant to the “anticipated increase” in VAERS reports due to the COVID-19 vaccines. It certainly appears that by August, 2020, the impending emergency use authorization of at least one COVID-19 vaccine was a foregone conclusion. BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin says that his mRNA vaccines rolled out in January this year (2021): Link here: but by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), The amounts paid out under the contracts with General Dynamics were redacted. But according to this site, the initial amount paid was $9.45 million, with $4.4 million added in late February, and then an additional $16.3 million tacked on in early March. In March of 2022 there was an additional $5.2 million added (increases in deaths and injuries beyond the initial contracts)
    The Contracts 23 00099 General Dynamics Information Te.. 00099 Eagle Health Analytics, Ll j=eyJ1IjoibjFlaXcifQ.OkComRnvTz45cW2ospKdwvhGbhkMepFwvepUF91fYF0 Grand total? $35,425,642 The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) records 1% of all reports:
    VAERS updated its numbers showing a staggering 1,481,226 reports of adverse events (x41 to arrive at December 2022 numbers) following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 9, 2022. …The above information posted by Josh Guetzkow
    BioNTech CEO Ugur Sahin says that his mRNA vaccines rolled out in January this year (2021): Link here: but by August 27, 2020 – The first contract, with General Dynamics, is dated August 27, 2020 had been let and the contract states that they were expecting up to 1,000 VAERS reports to be filed per day, with up to 40% of the reports being serious in nature and the CDC was already anticipating that the COVID vaccines might generate nearly seven times as many reports as all other vaccines combined (a 600% increase), with a rate of serious adverse events that could be up to 8 times higher, (bearing in mind that VAERS represents only 1% of all injuries and deaths recorded and multiplying the numbers given by 41 (x41) gives a much better appreciation of just how many American’s were being injured or had died, after vaccinations began in early 2021), on a daily basis: The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) Friday updated its numbers showing a staggering 1,481,226 reports of adverse events (x41) following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and Dec. 9, 2022, so for 100% x41 = 60,730,266 dead or injured Americans so far and it does not include the numbers your governments are inflicting on you, if you don’t live in America.
    See Electron Microscope studies of blood at cellular level and the nanotechnology to be found there:
    The US Department of Defense (US DoD) has had a dominant role in the response to the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the US DoD took charge of the Covid vaccine funding, development and testing from the very start of the perceived threat in early 2020 and in the development, and distribution of the Covid 19 vaccines, a fact hidden from the general public. In those processes many standard steps and procedures, otherwise required for pharmaceutical products, were omitted or circumvented.  
    The US FDA’s website (FDA, 2020) reveals that the United States Department of Defence (DoD) has been in full control of the Covid Vaccine development program since its beginning. The DoD has been responsible for development, manufacturing, clinical trials, quality assurance, distribution and administration, since that time (FDA, 2020; Rees and Latypova, 2022; KEI, 2022; Medical Defense Consortium, 2022; Rees, 2022). The major pharmaceutical companies have been involved as “Project Coordination Teams” effectively performing as subcontractors to the DoD. The Chief Operating Officer for (Trump’s) Warp Speed vaccine program is the US Department of Defence, and the Chief Science Advisor is the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). 
    Definition of these vaccines as “countermeasures” rather than therapeutic agents has permitted their expedited progression to emergency use authorisation and widespread rollouts. Many adverse consequences have been the outcome of this secret military response to a public health matter. Excepts From: Phillip Altman’s Essay he is Pharmacologist and Clinical trial and drug regulatory affairs consultant in Melbourne, Australia and Brownstone Institute
    Synthetic mRNA vaccines – they were never, ever, intended to kill Covid anything, because viral infections attack your breathing apparatus, which is your FIRST closed system in itself and the mRNA vaccines injected into your blood which kid the brain blood barrier into thinking they are safe, is your SECOND closed system too – so taking anything by mouth – well that goes down into your stomach acid, where it is broken down into its elements, which your body does not need and expelled in your piss and shit is your THIRD closed system, too and they all interact to give us life, while not having internal access to each other and interact in the body, but differently – which is why cures taken by mouth, are just another way to skim you for your money and more mumbo jumbo.

    The obvious question then is, for the vaccinated – is what to do about the installed nanotechnology which is far ahead of our technical ability – how to explain that.
    So let’s go with aircraft engines:

    Up to the end of World War 2 (1939-1945) all aircraft were powered by piston engine technology and it was only towards the end of World War 2 (1944) that the jet engine was invented, in its infancy and because it delivered more thrust, provided faster speeds, took up less space, than piston engine aircraft – it eventually became our main mode of aircraft propulsion.

    So with the nanotechnology in 2023 – we are at the beginning of World War 2 as above and the vaccines are to become jet engines, way beyond our understanding or mechanical ability to create in now, because we didn’t have the specialized equipment, or the engineering capability to create them and won’t reach that level of capability for at least 10 years forwards from today, let’s see 2033 and here we have them being injected with the Pfizer’s (and other vaccines) from January 2021 – do you see the conundrum?

    How is the impossible possible, when the possible, makes the impossible, totally impossible and since “human” technology did not create this 2033 nanotechnology by 2021 when the Pfizer and other vaccines were injected, what did and why and why I personally think it is essential we eachkill it off as quickly as we can and especially if you lose your soul and your body in the process – it just another radio controlled toy, controlled offsite with no memory of its past – like the early Van Damme movies where he died in battle and his dead body was recovered and installed with a computer interface and he became a Cyborg warrior with others of his mates who went through the same process as him. They were transported around America in a huge black refrigerated truck and injected with this yellow fluid which awoke them and programmed them for the next job assigned to them – a lot like RoboCop.
    My assumption is that America’s DOD let their military technologies become obsolete, after Russia became bankrupt in 1991 and with Putin re-arming and the nuclear threat from China, America and it’s Western Allies have few weapons left to respond, so modifying the vaccines volunteered, makes them “no longer human with zero human rights, to be modified to suit” as Bio/Robots in battleground warfare where they would control computerized military technolgy and fighting units by mind control and the first generation of robomachines would obsolete all other modern technologies and would contain a nuclear device, so that they could self terminate on command, irrespective of race or colour or language, which would make them invisible in a crowd, but the ultimate fighting bio/robot/ machine and the building costs – zero – because non humans are expendible and have zero human rights and represent a massive surplus of non humans, available now, for simple conversion = DOD.
    BUT: Just because there are fictitous movies acted by actors, that does not mean that realistically these things can be created in real time, or are achievable within the next 20 years and in that scenario, there probably won’t be any “humans” left to bear kids as “non humans” (the synthetic mRNA vaccinated) can’t, or won’t be able to

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