Most Sought-After Entry Level Jobs In 2023

The article shows the most sought-after entry-level jobs in 2023 using data from

Most Sought-After Entry Level Jobs In 2023 1

Being on top of the latest trends is essential in the quick-paced world of job searching. The pressure is increased if you are an entry-level job seeker.

Today’s newcomers to any employment market compete with their colleagues as well as ground-breaking technologies like ChatGPT. These candidates must also navigate the unpredictable job market, inflation, and extensive work requirements in the US.

Using data from, Freny Fernandes and Bhabna Banerjee of Visual Capitalist have found the most sought-after entry-level jobs in the United States for candidates with and without a degree, as well as the year-over-year increase of these job ads.

Most Sought-After Entry-Level Jobs With a Degree

A few professions are currently flourishing as the American labor market emerges from its epidemic downturn. For those looking for entry-level employment, this has created a wide range of options.

Most Sought-After Entry Level Jobs In 2023 2

This year, the need for sales positions increased as customer-facing enterprises gradually resumed their pre-pandemic levels of activity.

The position of an Outside Sales Representative is at the top of this list. This employment, which pays over $60,000 and has seen a 250% increase in job listings in the past year, is the most sought-after for candidates with degrees.

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The healthcare sector has established itself as one of the best. The Top 20 list is dominated by professions like patient access managers, speech pathologists, behavioral therapists, and mental health case managers.

Don’t overlook the IT industry. While entry-level IT engineers receive an entrance package of over $90,000, entry-level network technicians can make up to $85,000 on average.

Most Sought-After Entry-Level Jobs Without a Degree

Nearly 65% of Americans who are employed lack a four-year degree. Nevertheless, millions of these individuals are nevertheless quite proficient in a variety of fields and may potentially land some of the most sought-after entry-level positions in the nation.

Most Sought-After Entry Level Jobs In 2023 3

The position of inventory manager is an illustration of this. After the epidemic, the need for professional inventory managers in warehouses and businesses increased in one year.

Auto Body Technician, one of the top-paid non-degree careers on our list, pays entry-level highly qualified individuals $82,000 annually.

According to Indeed, these positions don’t seem to require a degree. However given the fierce competition for these occupations, those with one could have an advantage, particularly for roles like business analyst and relationship banker.

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