US Buys $119 Million Monkeypox Vaccines Following Pandemic Simulation

A report has warned of a new pandemic warning after 250 million people died of a genetically modified strain of monkeypox in a war game simulation similar to Event-201 conducted just before COVID-19 hit the world. Following the simulation, the US is buying $119 million monkeypox vaccines.

US Buys $119 Million Monkeypox Vaccines Following Pandemic Simulation 1

After the first incidence of monkeypox in the United States this year was verified in Massachusetts on May 18, the Biden government made a purchase for millions of doses of a vaccine that protects against smallpox and monkeypox.

Since the start of May, monkeypox, a viral illness generally confined to Africa, has been recorded in many countries, with more than 25 reported cases.

Bavarian Nordic, a Danish biotech business, received the order on May 18, prompting the company to transform its bulk liquid smallpox vaccine into freeze-dried versions with a longer shelf life.

According to Bavarian Nordic, the bulk vaccination has already been made and invoiced under previous contracts with the US government. In the United States, the vaccination is referred to as “JYNNEOS.”

Jynneos vaccines worth $119 million will be produced and billed in 2023 and 2024, according to the order.

The Biden administration has the opportunity to lodge another $180 million order under the deal. By 2024 and 2025, around 13 million freeze-dried dosages of the Jynneos smallpox vaccine would be available. According to the firm, the majority of the bulk vaccine for those dosages has already been produced and invoiced.

Bavarian Nordic later declared on May 19 that it will supply its smallpox vaccine to “an undisclosed European country.” It is approved for smallpox in Europe under the brand name “IMVANEX,” although the company claims it was previously used off-label for monkeypox.

The company’s Jynneos vaccine was authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in September 2019 for the treatment of smallpox and monkeypox illness in people aged 18 and up. The vaccine would be “available for those determined to be at high risk of either smallpox or monkeypox infection.”

“This is the only currently FDA-approved vaccine for the prevention of monkeypox disease,” the FDA said at the time.

Smallpox, a highly contagious virus, “could have a devastating effect” upon “the intentional release,” stated Peter Marks, head of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, at the time.

The present monkeypox scenario in Europe, according to Bavarian Nordic President and CEO Paul Chaplin, “calls for a rapid and coordinated approach by the health authorities,” and the company is “pleased to assist in this emergency situation.”

In 2004, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) awarded Barvarian Nordic a $100 million contract (read below) as part of Project BioShield, a government initiative to encourage private businesses to create vaccines and other mitigation strategies to deal with chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear threats.

US buys $119 Million Monkeypox Vaccines following pandemic simulation 2
Symptoms of one of the first known cases of the monkeypox virus are shown on a patient’s hand May 27, 2003. (CDC/Getty Images)

Growing Cases of Monkeypox

Monkeypox in people has symptoms that are comparable to smallpox but are milder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Fever, headache, muscle aches, and fatigue are common symptoms, as are skin lesions that can persist up to a month.

Following the onset of a fever, patients may develop a rash that begins on the face and progresses to other regions of the body. According to the CDC, monkeypox induces lymph node swelling whereas smallpox does not.

Authorities in a number of nations have reported that the great majority of cases involve men having intercourse with other men, but they have yet to verify how people become infected. Monkeypox “can be transmitted by droplet exposure via exhaled large droplets and by contact with infected skin lesions or contaminated materials,” according to the World Health Organization.

On May 20, Italy, Sweden, and Australia each announced their initial confirmed monkeypox cases of the year.

On May 19, Canada confirmed the first two cases in Quebec, and 17 suspected cases are being investigated in the broader Montreal area.

On May 18, the United States reported one case in Massachusetts. In New York City, a probable case of monkeypox is being examined after a man appeared with signs on May 19.

On May 19 itself, Spain identified seven cases, while Portugal reported 14 confirmed cases. Over 40 cases of monkeypox have been reported in Spain and Portugal. France confirmed its first probable case in the Paris/Ile-de-France region on the same day.

In the United Kingdom, where the first cases outside of Africa were recorded, there are nine confirmed monkeypox cases. On May 7, the first case in the United Kingdom was recorded, involving a patient who had recently gone to Nigeria.

Experts have recently raised concerns about the growing dangers posed by the production of deadly diseases in laboratories, which could be unleashed into the wild either accidentally or deliberately by unscrupulous actors.

Meanwhile, a report has warned of a new pandemic warning after 250 million people died of a genetically modified strain of monkeypox in a war game simulation similar to Event-201 conducted just before COVID-19 hit the world.

Read the document below:

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