Money Laundering Inside The Climate Fund

The CEF’s 2022 annual report reveals how the climate fund is funding illegal activities designed to disrupt governments and industries alike, as well as exposing money laundering within the climate fund.

A non-profit organization called the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF) boasts that their mission is to “raise funds for and make grants to the disruptive nonviolent climate movement.” This effort has been extraordinarily successful.

In 2022 alone, they gave away $5.1 million to 44 “ultra-ambitious” groups. Many of these groups are in the business of illegal vandalism, and some are most definitely not “non-violent”.

“Climate Emergency Fund has quickly become the ATM that radical environmental activists turn to fund their latest disruptions,” Caitlin Sutherland, executive director of the conservative watchdog Americans for Public Trust, told the Washington Examiner. “And as their destruction increases, so should the scrutiny on who is bankrolling the Climate Emergency Fund and their ties to more mainstream environmental groups that might disagree with these over-the-top and dangerous tactics.”

Last week, an entity called Declare Emergency that calls fossil fuels reliance “genocidal” and “criminal” took credit for smearing paint on the display case of a sculpture at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Just Stop Oil, a group that made headlines in October 2022 for splattering tomato soup on a Vincent Van Gogh painting estimated to be worth $84 million at London’s National Gallery, has been blocking traffic for days in the United Kingdom.

Some of CEF’s “successes” – images and text from their website”:

Protest group Just Stop Oil named the two activists as Margaret Reid, 52, and Eddie Whittingham, 25, and said the pair were “demanding” UK sporting institutions to “join in civil resistance” against the use of fossil fuels.

Climate Emergency Fund is paying people through their grants to close down schools for a month. One wonders, if kids aren’t going to school because they are being paid not to, is this really a “protest” movement?

As the Climate Emergency Fund is paying activists to defile great works of art, shouldn’t Climate Emergency Fund be responsible for the restoration to repair the damage to these priceless works of art?

Financial disclosures obtained by The Washington Free Beacon have revealed that Black Lives Matter is headed for insolvency.

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