Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel Has No Moral Compass Was Asking Me To Steal From A Hospital That Treats Children

As I write this, I’m finishing A Shot to Save the World, the new book about the hunt for a Covid vaccine.

Which – surprisingly – I don’t hate. Written by Gregory Zuckerman of the Wall Street Journal, the book is a serious look at the decades of scientific work that helped produce the mRNA and DNA/AAV Covid vaccines.

Even better, it contains this line about Stephane Bancel, Moderna’s chief executive, from Derrick Rossi: “He was asking me to steal from a hospital that treats children. Stephane is someone without a moral compass.”

Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel Has No Moral Compass Was Asking Me To Steal From A Hospital That Treats Children

Who’s Derrick Rossi? Some crazy ivermectin-loving anti-vaxxer, no doubt!

Cofounder of Moderna? Oh, that was my second guess. Meantime, Stephane has $10 billion in Moderna stock to buy a new moral compass.

But to read this book is to see that these new biotechnologies are to ordinary small-molecule drug development as a manned mission to Mars is to a cross-country road trip. They are so complicated that even explaining them coherently is hard.

Old-school small-molecule drugs like aspirin are usually relatively simple chemicals with atomic structures that can be sketched out on a napkin.


In general, these drugs work in straightforward ways, by attaching to receptors on the surface of our cells and either activating them or blocking them from being activated.

The body then breaks them down, usually quite fast, and their cellular effects wear off. They must be dosed again after a few hours or a day. At this point, after generations of developing them, scientists and physicians understand how they work quite well. Even so they need to be carefully tested because they can have off-target effects or be toxic in unexpected ways.

But we’re pretty good at making them. In fact even 20 years ago we were so good at making them that we had hit most of the obvious targets for them, like cholesterol and blood pressure and diabetes.

Unfortunately, fiddling with cell receptors can only do so much. Most cancers, brain diseases, autoimmune diseases, and genetic disorders are simply not amenable to small-molecule treatments. Treating them requires larger and more complicated proteins and enzymes that mimic the body’s existing proteins, attach to specific parts of deranged cells (cancer or other), or have other effects.

For decades, those proteins were generally grown outside the body and then injected into it.

Artificially produced erythropoietin, or EPO – a molecule our own kidneys make to help stimulate the production of red blood cells – is a relatively simple example of such a treatment.

But mRNA/LNP and DNA/AAV vaccines go still further.

They involve not using a simple chemical to interfere with a single receptor or injecting a protein we have grown in specifically purified cells but hijacking the body’s own fundamental processes of biological creation.


Thus using mRNA or DNA to make our cells produce proteins carries risk at every stage. At the moment of injection, the mRNA must be both disguised AND hidden inside a tiny ball of fat (and the DNA attached to a cold virus), or our bodies will likely destroy it before it can even reach our cells

As Zuckerman explains in his book, “The [Moderna] scientists ran into a huge new problem… subsequent administrations saw the protein production plummet. It was as if the body’s defenses had learned to fend off the injected molecule and its genetic payload.”

Moderna wound up turning away from making mRNA drugs for repeated dosing and focusing on vaccines for just this reason; a successful vaccine should need only one or two doses to produce a sustained if not permanent immune response, thus eliminating the need for regular dosing.

But the problems don’t end there. If the injected particles drop their genetic payload into the wrong cells, they can also do damage.

Scientists have also now repeatedly demonstrated that the spike proteins the mRNA Covid vaccines create can be toxic – especially to blood vessel cells – all by themselves, without the rest of Sars-Cov-2 attached. (See, for example:

Which doesn’t matter, the Covid vaccine fanatics told us, because the spike protein the vaccines generate doesn’t circulate.

Except it does.

But wait, there’s more.

We know that in the short run, mRNA vaccines lead to a drop in crucial white blood cells called lymphocytes – Pfizer and BioNTech themselves acknowledged this problem.


Now the British government is warning that people who receive the vaccines appear to have a less complete immune response to Sars-Cov-2 after infection.

Maybe even more concerning, scientists now have found evidence the vaccines may produce worrisome longer-term changes in the immune system:

The BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine against SARS-CoV-2 reprograms both adaptive and innate immune responses


To be clear, evidence is not proof. These changes may not matter to our overall immune response. Even the severity of the risk is an immensely complex question that I am not qualified to discuss in depth.

But neither is almost anyone else.

And many of the people who understand these issues best have an enormous financial stake in the success of the Sars-Cov-2 vaccines. Zuckerman’s book makes clear that Moderna was facing real problems in 2019, before Covid hit. Bancel had spent too many years making promises that hadn’t come true, and Moderna was burning through money at a stunning rate without any marketable drugs to show for the spending.

Now, of course, both Bancel and Moderna have no such worries.

As for the regulators, they had a hard enough time back in the small molecule days. In 1999, they were unable to figure out that Vioxx caused heart attacks even when Merck presented them with clear data showing that Vioxx caused heart attacks.

This is not to say that the mRNA (and DNA/AAV) Covid vaccines are necessarily dangerous, or that their risks outweigh their benefits. But we should all understand just how radical these therapies are, and how many unknowns they carry.

The only solution to these unknowns is very large trials conducted for long periods.

A 40,000-person clinical trial may sound large, it is not, not in the context of a drug that governments are going to give (or more accurately force) on BILLIONS of healthy people. In 1954, the Salk polio vaccine trial covered almost two million children – yes, 2,000,000 – including 400,000 who received the vaccine. And polio was far more dangerous to children than Sars-Cov-2.

But an equally large sin against science was the fact that regulators allowed Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna to unblind and thus destroy their pivotal trials within weeks after they presented early data.

Now we are stumbling in the dark.

And that might not matter much if the Covid vaccines had ended the Covid epidemic. But they have not. Not even in places where nearly every adult has received them – like Waterford, Ireland, where 99.7 percent of all adults are fully vaccinated.

Now the public health authorities and the rest of the media are pushing “boosters” – again, for a biotechnology that was repurposed as a vaccine BECAUSE IT FAILED UPON REPEATED DOSING.

Meanwhile, they are simply ignoring the odd increase in all-cause non-Covid mortality that many countries are now seeing.

Where this journey ends I do not know.

But I know this: we invented about the most complex product imaginable, tested it in a relative handful of people for a few months, a far shorter timetable than is typical for drug development. Now we are shoving it on every human we can reach – to prevent (or more accurately fail to prevent) an illness that is not particularly dangerous to most of them.

Not aspirin:

What could go wrong?

Alex Berenson is a former New York Times reporter and the author of 13 novels, two non-fiction books, and the Unreported Truths booklets. His third non-fiction book, PANDEMIA, on the coronavirus and our response to it, will be published on Nov. 30. This article was originally published on his blog.

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  1. Patents from pirbright institute zuck that moved to nanchung China .

    “PAT. NO. Title
    1 10,507,237 Attenuated African swine fever virus vaccine

    2 10,294,277 Stabilised FMDV capsids

    3 10,202,578 Chicken cells for improved virus production

    4 10,130,701 Coronavirus
    The isolated chicken cell or chicken cell within an embryonated egg of claim 1, further comprising: i) an endogenous interferon-inducible transmembrane protein 3 (IFITM3) gene encoding an IFITM 3 protein with at least 95% sequence identity to the amino acid sequence of SEQ ID NO: 3; and ii) an interfering RNA that targets the IFITM3 gene, wherein the isolated chicken cell or chicken cell within an embryonated egg has reduced expression of the IFITM3 gene as compared to an isolated chicken cell or a chicken cell within an embryonated egg comprising the endogenous IFITM3 gene that does not comprise the interfering RNA that targets IFITM3.

    5 9,969,777 Mutant spike protein extending the tissue tropism of infectious bronchitis
    virus (IBV)

    6 9,457,075 Modified foot and mouth disease virus (FMDV) VP1 capsid protein

    7 9,243,230 Construct for producing empty virus capsids

    8 9,145,548 Foot and mouth disease virus with increased stability and its use as vaccine

    9 8,828,407 Chimaeric protein
    10 8,501,466 Vecto
    ****A construct which, when expressed in a eukaryotic host cell, produces empty picornavirus capsids, the construct comprising: (i) a nucleic acid encoding a picornavirus capsid precursor protein; (ii) a nucleic acid encoding protease 3C, capable of cleaving the picornavirus capsid precursor protein, wherein the protease includes a mutation at Cys142 which reduces its capsid precursor protein cleaving activity; and (iii) a control element between the nucleic acid encoding the picornavirus capsid precursor protein and the nucleic acid encoding protease 3C which reduces expression of the protease compared to expression if the control element were absent such that, when the construct is present in the eukaryotic host cell, the control element causes the protease to be expressed at a level sufficient to cleave the picornavirus capsid precursor protein, but not sufficient to induce significant toxicity in the host cell, wherein the control element is a retrovirus frameshift site.

    Note: HIV -1 frameshift site 2. A construct according to claim 1, wherein the control element is the HIV-1 frameshift site.

    A construct according to claim 1, wherein the control element causes a frameshift in about 5% of the mRNAs translated.
    A construct according to claim 1 wherein the protease with the mutation has approximately 3-fold lower capsid precursor protein cleaving activity than wild-type protease 3C.
    A construct according to claim 1 which, when expressed in a host cell, produces empty Foot and Mouth Disease Virus (FMDV) capsids.
    A construct according to claim 5, wherein the picornavirus capsid precursor protein is P1.
    A vector comprising the construct of claim 1.

    11 8,455,201 Diagnose of mycobacterial infections by determination of IFN-gamma

    Lots of British players in the covid 19 cteation.
    1- Pirbright institute ( queens golden shates)
    2- Peter Dasazk ( thanked Fauci for lying to Congress) mentioned Fauci funded human mouse chimeric backbone splice., Lancet report manipulated with lies, Lancet retracted it)
    3-Charles lieber with Chinese agents at university ( Canada under Wueens common wealth) indicted ( silenced by law)
    4- American players include Baric [ paper 2015 which also shows gain of function by Fauci funding ,,,, shut down so went to china…wuhan . 4 hours away from dancing where merial moved).

    The spiders web is tied and connected to deep too many to get to bottom of slush fund. But we start with who we know and prove with documents and most important financiers.

  2. Fauci and others are still running the Aids game.
    1- Gallows theory was never peer reviewed because Gov only funded the Gallow theory ( like now no one can question covid origin or its contents)…no one has a fullvsrwuence of it.

    2- AZT found to toxic for humans was given to Aids patients after FDA approved. Covid vaccines have track record of harming killing humans and yet F DA just approved genocide of our children 5- and up.

    3- Fauci lines his pockets with patents and from blood money and pharma bribes who they need for t egg regulations and policies.

    Faucis wife is on an ethics committee which is just collecting money since no such oversight is enforced.

    Covid 29 the new AIDs

    French team at the Pasteur Institute in Paris, France, led by Luc Montagnier, had published a paper in Science in 1983, describing a retrovirus they called LAV (lymphadenopathy associated virus), isolated from a patient at risk for AIDS.

    In 1991, following years of controversy surrounding a 1987 out of court settlement between the National Institutes of Health and France’s Pasteur Institute, Gallo admitted the virus he claimed to have discovered in 1984 was in reality a virus sent to him from France the year before, putting an end to a six-year effort by Gallo and his employer, the National Institutes of Health, to claim the AIDS virus as an independent discovery.

  3. “Without moral compass” = Children of Belial/Satan – we have been warned time and time again in the bible about these wickedly evil people.

  4. Heidi Rodriguez-Pteston While I find this all very interesting, your post need more context. There are words used that do not seem to exist in the language and all too often there are individual names used (First or last ?) which were not mentioned anywhere else in your test.
    If the information had full names and only words that actually existed, it would be far more easy to read and understand.

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