Microsoft-Owned Platform GitHub Lays Off Entire Engineering Team In India

A GitHub spokesperson has confirmed to the news agency IANS that the Microsoft-owned platform GitHub has laid off its entire engineering team in India.

GitHub has reportedly laid off its entire engineering team in India. The open
source developer platform is owned by Microsoft. The India centre is the
companys second largest developer community after the US. The platform has
recently reached 100 million members globally, and is said to be growing fast in
India where it crossed 10 million developers.

Tech writer Cergely Orosz, who tracks global tech layoffs especially among the
engineering/developer teams, shared the same in a post on Twitter. “What I am
hearing: GitHub’s India engineering team is no more. Yesterday, the complete dev
team was let go at once. We’re talking of NIOO engineers. Engineers speculate this
was done as teams were smaller than other locations, owning fewer & lower
priority stuff,” he said in the post. Orosz has also given his thoughts in a series of
tweets on the job cuts at India centre. “This layoff comes amidst the February
layoffs announced. The strange thing is: why India, when cost of labour is much
cheaper than eg US, and likely cheaper than EU? Perhaps the India team *was’
not at the critical size, like it was the case with Uber and Lithuania?” He added,
“That these cuts would not have as much impact on the org vs other ones would –
given India teams did not own core things – could be part of the explanation on
why they were chosen. It does go against the notion that lower cost of labor places
are safer from cuts, though!’

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