Melting Himalayan Glaciers Will Lead To Natural Disaster

A report submitted by the central government states that the melting Himalayan glaciers will lead to natural disasters.

The Central government has informed the parliament that a majority of glaciers in the Himalayan region have been melting or receding. The government’s scary revelation came during a parliamentary standing committee meeting on the monitoring of glaciers/lakes and flash floods. It also informed the panel that the phenomenon will lead to natural disasters and severely impact the flow in Himalayan river. The report was tabled on Wednesday.

The report said that the majority of Himalayan glaciers are melting or retreating at varying rates in different regions.  It warned that the glaciers will affect the river system and will lead to disasters like floods triggered by the outburst of glacier lakes, avalanche and landslide.

The shifting glaciers can lead to the shifting of tree lines. It may also impact the livelihoods of mountain people and downstream populations.

It will also impact the ecosystem of the Himalayas.

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The panel pointed out that there was no agreement with neighbouring countries for glacier-linked data. It batted for formulating strategy to coax regional cooperation.

Last January, local officials officially deemed Joshimath catastrophe-prone and contacted technical and disaster management teams to inspect the growing devastation as the holy Himalayan town sinks into the earth.

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  1. More climate BS. I’ve been hearing for most of my life that glaciers were all melting and yet they’re all still here.

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