Meet Chaos-GPT: An AI Tool That Seeks To Destroy Humanity

In a YouTube video, the anonymous owner of the Chaos-GPT project demonstrated that they had programmed it with parameters that make it a “destructive, power-hungry, manipulative AI” and a tool that aims to bring about the destruction of humanity.

Sooner than even the most pessimistic among us have expected, a new, evil artificial intelligence bent on destroying humankind has arrived.

Known as Chaos-GPT, the autonomous implementation of ChatGPT is being touted as “empowering GPT with Internet and Memory to Destroy Humanity.”

It hasn’t gotten very far. Yet.

But it’s definitely a weird idea, as well as the latest peculiar use of Auto-GPT, an open-source program that allows ChatGPT to be used autonomously to carry out tasks imposed by the user. AutoGPT searches the internet, accesses an internal memory bank to analyze tasks and information, connects with other APIs, and much more—all without needing a human to intervene.

The 5-step plan to control humanity

In a YouTube video, the anonymous Chaos-GPT project owner simply showed that he gave it the parameter of being a “destructive, power-hungry, manipulative AI.” Then he pressed enter and let ChatGPT do its magic:

The Kuwait Times has introduced the first AI news anchor in Kuwait named “Fedha.” Abdullah Boftain, the deputy editor in chief for both outlets, stated that this is a test for new and innovative content.

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