Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon Demands Apology From Media Over Vaccine Safety Lies

Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon has issued a demand for apology from the media over vaccine safety lies. Yeadon invested 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry guiding new medicines studies and retired from the company with the most senior research role in his profession.

Former Pfizer VP Michael Yeadon Demands Apology From Media Over Vaccine Safety Lies

Since being chastised by the mainstream press for his concerns that COVID-19 gene-based vaccines might end up causing fertility problems in young female, Dr. Michael Yeadon is now pleading with the media to apologize, citing leaked information from the US military that shows a sharp increase in these unfortunate results.

“I’m not vindictive, but I want some humility and contrition from the BBC and all other media outlets that lied to their audiences,” said the former Pfizer vice president and chief researcher for allergy and respiratory medicine.

Yeadon, who invested 32 years in the pharmaceutical industry guiding new medicines studies and retired from the company with the most senior research role in his profession, was one of the authors of a plea to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) in December 2020 that brought up grave reservations about the experimental COVID-19 gene-based vaccines’ lack of testing prior to their urgent use approvals.

In response to the concern that the shots would jeopardise women’s fertility, Yeadon and his colleague, Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, wrote, “There is no indication whether antibodies against spike proteins of SARS viruses would also act like anti-Syncytin-1 antibodies. However, if this were to be the case this would then also prevent the formation of a placenta which would result in vaccinated women essentially becoming infertile.” 

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According to the experts, one such possibility would have to be ruled out by conventional experimentation before forcing such medications on the whole community.

“It’s important to note that none of these gene-based agents had completed what’s called ‘reproductive toxicology,’” Yeadon wrote in his recent statement. “Over a year later, this battery of tests in animals still has not been done. So there was and still is no data package supporting safety in pregnancy or prior to conception.” 

Media response to valid concerns: attacks, smears, vilifications 

“As a society, we’ve practiced the precautionary principle most assiduously in relation to conception and pregnancy ever since the tragedy of thalidomide, over 60 years ago. So we had hoped that some at least in the media would take this [concern] with the seriousness it deserved,” he wrote. 

“Did that happen? No. Instead, we were attacked, smeared and vilified in every medium, from Twitter to the BBC,” the British national wrote. “[M]ajor broadcasters actively lied to the public, explicitly stating that these agents were completely safe in pregnancy.” 

Undoubtedly, Reuters chastised the doctors for conducting their investigation “without providing evidence, that the vaccines could cause infertility in women,” attempting to move the burden of proof away from the authorities, whose responsibility it is to guarantee appropriate safety tests are done leading up to the release of these kinds of drugs.

According to the report, an unidentified official for the United Kingdom’s Department of Health and Social Care stated, “These claims are false, dangerous and deeply irresponsible.” 

Afterwards, Reuters tried to “fact-check” Yeadon on a number of issues, including the risk to fertility, to which he just reaffirmed standard ethical norms around human experimentation: “No one in their right mind thinks giving experimental treatments to pregnant women is other than reckless. Especially when reproductive toxicity testing is incomplete.” 

Yeadon singled out BBC Radio talk show presenter Emma Barnett, who “directly attacked me by name on air in the most unpleasant terms,” prompting him to charge the program with defamation. After some research, the program editor relented, apologized to Yeadon, and removed their erroneous portrayal of the retired Pfizer researcher off their taped podcast.

“[Barnett] also had her guest, who was from the Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, repeat the lies that it was perfectly safe for young women to be injected,” Yeadon called out in his statement. 

Placental-damaging antibodies increased 2.5 fold after shots, as per a preprint report.

A preprint study released in May seemed to try to dispute his fear that anti-Syncytin-1 antibodies could be created as a result of the shots, but instead strengthened it by demonstrating a 2.5 times higher in placental-damaging antibodies in days 1 to 4 after COVID-19 gene-therapy injections.

The document, that also alleged a conflict of interest due to being bankrolled by Johnson & Johnson, continued to justify that while they had noticed this significant uptick, they did not investigate its “clinical significance,” confessing they didn’t actually understand if such elevated amounts of the antibody signalled a real safety concern of fertility and miscarriage.

Simultaneously, the study’s authors stated that “spontaneous miscarriage as the most common obstetric outcome after COVID-19 mRNA vaccination.”  

Yeadon stated based only on the findings of this investigation that “all of these experimental products as a class should have been completely contraindicated in women younger than menopause.” 

Pfizer & Moderna “definitely knew” that such mRNA products would “accumulate in the ovaries.”

Another worrying sign for fertility has been that “the mRNA products (Pfizer and Moderna) would accumulate in ovaries,” according to the British national.

“An FOI request to the Japanese Medicines Agency revealed that product accumulation in ovaries occurred in experiments in rodents. I searched the literature based on these specific concerns and found a 2012 review [here], explicitly drawing attention to the evidence that the lipid nanoparticle formulations as a class do, in fact, accumulate in ovaries and may represent an unappreciated reproductive risk to humans. This was ‘a well-known problem’ to experts in that field,” Yeadon explained. 

“I’ll say that again. The pharmaceutical industry definitely knew, in 2012, that formulating these agents in lipid nanoparticles would lead them to accumulate in the ovaries of women to whom these were given.  

“No one in the industry or in leading media could claim ‘they didn’t know about these risks to successful pregnancy,’” he emphasized. 

Findings of the US military leak corroborate the harm done to unborn children and fertility.

“So it’s with tremendous anger and sorrow that I heard of military physicians blowing the whistle about the evidence of harms in pregnancy that their proprietary safety monitoring database had thrown out,” Yeadon stated while he was alluding to disclosures made last week at a U.S. Senate panel session.

Watch the video below:

“In the intervening months since journalists (including but definitely not limited to Emma Barnett) chose to downplay or downright lie about our concerns, we learned that women in the U.S. military were experiencing 3X normal rates of miscarriage,” he explained. 

In actuality, such information leaks, provided in sworn statements under penalty of perjury by three “decorated high-ranking soldiers who are doctors and public health officials,” demonstrate numerous rises in harmful effects on fertility, which include spontaneous abortion, among this military community in which an experimental COVID gene-vaccine mandate is strictly enforced.

The ensuing 2021 increases, as provided by these soldiers, only reflect the very first ten months of the year (January through October) and are compared to the complete five-year average of numbers gathered from 2016 to 2020.

  • Miscarriages — increase of 279% 
  • Female infertility – increase of 471% 
  • Male infertility — increase of 344% 
  • Congenital malformations (birth defects) – increase of 156% 

And, given that the majority of children conceived after such injections will not be born before November 2021, the overall number of birth abnormalities is anticipated to rise dramatically.

Journalists, regulators and manufacturers: ‘You are way out over thin ice and deep water’ 

Following Yedon’s demand for contrition from the BBC and other media, he implored readers, “please do not get injected with these inherently dangerous and ineffective experimental products. Warn anyone you know about the risks to pregnancy, now confirmed by whistleblowers from physicians in the U.S. military. 

“Please also tell them there are likely to be other reproductive health consequences, even in young girls, because of accumulation [of lipid nanoparticles] in their ovaries.“ 

After initially alerting the EMA to many other potential toxic outcomes from the injections, Yeadon emphasised that he and Dr. Wodarg were also correct in their warning of “allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination,” providing instances from the UK of emergency interventions and tragic deaths.

“Having had two of two serious harms we warned about, prior to regulatory authorisations, come to pass,” he said. “I humbly recommend that governments and journalists everywhere recognise what you’ve done and lobby for or directly decide to immediately and completely withdraw all these experimental products from the market, before some of the other specified concerns (or issues we didn’t think of) show up in the safety monitoring systems.” 

“Journalists, regulators, healthcare professionals and politicians, as well [as], of course, the manufacturers, you are way out over thin ice and deep water. I don’t know how you’re planning to get out from under this before the wider public more fully appreciates what you’ve done,” Yeadon wrote. 

“One possibility is that you won’t be able to hide your complicity in the massed harms you’ve done to millions of people. In this case, I look forward to giving evidence against you in a court of law,” he concluded. 

Read the document below:

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  1. Bless you Dr Yeadon and all the other professionals who are speaking out. Where I live, south west France, I and a few friends cannot warn people because they are well and truly brainwashed by this government and main stream media. I tried to explain to a French friend what you were saying, she told me to stop! She didn’t want to hear it. They think I am the mad one. At least I have an open mind and can think for myself.

  2. If you want to know more truths about the evil being done to these fine doctors who are being systematically silenced, READ THE BOOK: “Plague of Corruption” by Robert F Kennedy Jr with Dr. Judy Mikovits and it is about the dangers and harm being done for decades by the use of VACCINES.

  3. Joyce, I am so sorry you are being shunned by family and/or friends. I too have been totally abandoned by my own family and friends. I have no one any longer with which to discuss these things. My faith is in the Lord Jesus Christ, and it is He with whom I have put all of my hope, faith and trust. The Lord has shown me the evils of this world, what was, is and is to come and just how it all plays out and ends in the KJV bible. I don’t understand why more people don’t just read aloud (faith by hearing) but don’t bother to study and dissect the bible which I have been doing, one significant word or phrase at a time, for many, many years. ALL of what we need to know about life is held in its pages. God Bless you always.

  4. Many Blessings to you Dr. Yeadon!! You are to be admired to your courage and honor in coming out and telling us the truth. I am so sorry and ashamed of my fellow humans that had the audacity to criticize a person of your infinite wisdom and expertise. It is essential for the future of humanity that our healers be freed so they can heal. As it stands, greedy moguls run roughshod over the very idea of healing. It is well known that a healed patient yields less profit than the patient who is perpetually under ‘treatment’. There is a reason that we are encouraged to embrace poor health, it is so that we can be subjected to a lifetime of Rx dependency. In an enlightened society things like obesity, heart disease and diabetes would occur at a much lower rate. The true healers in this world are being stopped from doing what they most would like to do ~ heal. The doctors that are too frightened or even too apathetic to stand up have my deepest sympathy. It must be so traumatizing to be told to let the patients suffer for the sake of profit. If anyone doubts that our physicians are enslaved, ask one a decent question about true healing and watch the reaction. They are living under dire threat and it needs to stop.

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