Massive Migrant Tent City Discovered In NYC

According to a recent AFP News article, a massive migrant tent city was discovered in NYC, kept hidden from the public eye.

Massive Migrant Tent City Discovered In NYC 1

Located in a former operational airfield in southern Brooklyn, Democrats in New York City and their supporters in the leftist corporate media are keeping a vast migrant shelter hidden from the public eye. This occurs at a time when, in just a few short years, the metro area has seen an influx of up to 175,000 illegal immigrants.

A dark web of NGOs is supplying cheap migrant labor to corporations, with the majority of post-pandemic job growth attributed to immigrants.

Large white tents filled with Africans, Chinese, Russians, and Central and South Americans are crammed onto one of Floyd Bennett Field’s runways like livestock, according to a recent AFP News article. Although the exact number of migrants living in the tent city is unknown, some estimates place it close to 2,000.

Massive Migrant Tent City Discovered In NYC 2

This vast illegal camp of tent cities has mostly gone unreported by corporate media. Over the past three months, very few stories have been published on it.

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Massive Migrant Tent City Discovered In NYC 3

The new film about the migrant tent city has been made public by citizen journalists. Forget about legacy media sources, whose journalists are bought and sold by mega-corporations and greatly influenced by Washington’s censorship-industrial complex.

Drone footage of the tent city taken by X user Henry Facey has gone viral after being widely shared on the free speech platform.

There is another tent city in the metro area, according to Facey’s independent inquiry.

In a brief two-minute video, Elon Musk outlined the ultimate objectives of the migrant invasion, which is being aided by the White House, non-governmental groups, and large corporations.

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