Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate Of Jeffrey Epstein

The judge who signed Mar-a-lago search warrant has been exposed as an associate of Jeffrey Epstein. Reinhart took over as Kellen and Marcinkova’s lawyer after withdrawing from his position as a senior prosecutor in the Southern District of Florida while it was discussing a non-prosecution deal for Epstein.

Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate Of Jeffrey Epstein

If there had been any doubts that the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate was corrupt, information from the search warrant approving it should put it to rest. Although information is limited since the warrant is still under seal, one piece of evidence that could not be kept private gives additional light on the raid’s motivations.

The search warrant was approved by Bruce E. Reinhart, United States Magistrate Judge for the Southern District of Florida. Before becoming a federal judge, Reinhart worked as an attorney for two of Jeffrey Epstein’s accomplices, Sarah Kellen and Nadia Marcinkova, who were charged in his human trafficking scheme.

For years, Kellen served as Epstein’s scheduler and was mentioned in deposition testimony presented during the defamation suit between Virginia Guiffre and Ghislaine Maxwell. Marcinkova was a more visible member of Epstein’s entourage because she was one of the pilots of his famed “The Lolita Express.”

Reinhart took over as Kellen and Marcinkova’s lawyer after withdrawing from his position as a senior prosecutor in the Southern District of Florida while it was discussing a non-prosecution deal for Epstein. Within days after quitting his position as a senior prosecutor in the district, Reinhart would officially launch his legal counsel of Epstein’s associates.

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Reinhart’s connection to Epstein was not brought to light again until he was named the Federal Magistrate who approved the search warrant for the Mar-A-Lago raid, but it was a subject of great debate after his resignation in 2007. In 2013, the US Attorneys responded to Bruce E. Reinhart’s allegations of improper behavior by stating that “while Bruce E. Reinhart was an assistant U.S. attorney, he learned confidential, non-public information about the Epstein matter.” In a 2011 affidavit, Reinhart denied any misconduct on his end. This was in response to a civil lawsuit brought by two of Epstein’s victims in 2008, which also accused former Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta and two other federal prosecutors, including Reinhart.

The easiest way to understand Marcinkova’s connections to the human trafficking operation that Epstein and his network put up is through Reinhart’s portrayal of him. Marcinkova is currently Aviloop’s founder and CEO. According to the company website, its concentration on businesses in the aviation sector is made possible by leveraging Marcinkova’s experience as a pilot. Among the services provided are marketing, social media management, and event planning. As is a stated goal to “help employers diversify their crews.”

Watch the video below:

With the exception of the fact that it is run by a friend of Jeffrey Epstein, the Aviloop website is fairly harmless; but, its YouTube channel presents a different picture. The YouTube channel has just 34 followers and just 4 videos, all of which were uploaded 8 years prior to the publication date of this article. Even with the minimal amount made available, the videos’ content is questionable. Each movie consists of a brief monologue—about 40 seconds long—from a young woman sporting a seductive attire with a pilot theme. Whether clients are looking for discounts on pilot training courses, aviation services, or simply want to “see more girls like me,” their alluring voices try to persuade them to join Aviloop. Oddly enough, the advertisement for Aviloop claims that subscriptions are totally free.

Watch the video below:

The website for Aviloop does not provide direct contact information. However, a phone number could be found on the website of Aviatri, a sibling business of Aviloop. The phone number was taken down from the website once Marcinkova and Mark Esptein learned about it during investigation reports.

The Aviatri website was quickly marked as “under construction,” despite the fact that a simple redirect to the homepage’s URL revealed it was still live and functional. The actual address listed on the Aviloop website belonged to a structure supervised by Ossa Properties, a property management firm owned by Jeffrey Epstein’s brother Mark Epstein.

Judge Who Signed Mar-A-Lago Search Warrant Exposed As Associate Of Jeffrey Epstein 2

Aviatri’s automated voicemail informs callers that they have indeed contacted Aviloop. Since Aviatri does not appear to be formed with the New York Department of State’s Division of Corporations like Aviloop is, it is challenging to distinguish between the two companies. By serving as a recruiting firm for potential female pilots, Aviatri directly carries out the purpose of Aviloop. According to the organization’s website, it provides finance, online training, and flight instruction to aspiring female pilots.

Years before the launch of Aviloop and while Marcinkova was still working closely with Epstein, her other company, Global Girl, LLC, was incorporated with the New York Department of State’s Division of Corporations in 2005. Global Girl does not seem to presently operate a website, in contrast to Aviloop. Additionally, all of its social media accounts have been shut down. Marcinkova’s personal website briefly mentions Global Girl before listing her as a pilot, a model, and the CEO of Aviloop. It is therefore unknown if the business is still active or even what the foundation of its operations is. The New York Department of State received the corporate entity’s filing at Adam B. Kaufman & Associates, PPLC, 585 Stewart Avenue in Garden City, NY.

The extent of Marcinkova’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell, and the atrocities they perpetrated is documented. Therefore, considering his counsel of Marcinkova and Kellen in addition to his role as a federal prosecutor in the district that offered Epstein with a non-prosecution agreement, Reinhart was probably fully aware of those offenses. Although his decision to leave the company may have been interpreted as a rejection of its choice to cover up Epstein’s crimes, the fact that he represented Marcinkova suggests that he was more likely thinking about how to earn the most from the cover-up.

If Reinhart’s connections to people like Marcinkova and Kellen disclose anything, it is that Jeffrey Epstein’s web of human traffickers continues to operate behind the scenes even after he is no longer alive. The variations of isolating those connected to Epstein have led to the reward of those who allowed, if not actively engaged in, his crimes by being appointed to the highest levels of the federal government. The revelation of that fact ought to rock such institutions to their very foundations. Those who would be lost along with the ship are all too familiar with this frightening reality. The Southern District of Florida has completely removed all contact information for Reinhart from his website, a move that amounts as a tacit admission of the search warrant’s evident corruption. The mere premise of that ominous future is sufficient to explain the decision.

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