Longevity Researcher Says He De-Aged Himself By Decade

David Sinclair, a molecular biologist and longevity researcher, told Insider that he de-aged himself by a decade.

A biohacking Harvard researcher claims he has de-aged himself by a decade after taking up four simple daily habits in middle age.

David Sinclair, a molecular biologist, has now had 53 birthdays — but claims DNA testing suggests his body is still 43.

Biological age looks at the health of cells rather than how long someone has actually been alive.

He was prompted to start the healthy routine in his 30s after becoming overweight and drinking too much.

Dr David Sinclair, a molecular biologist at Harvard University, has suggested four tips for slowing or reducing your biological age. He is now 53 years old (pictured above most recently), but says testing suggests his body is a decade younger

Urging others to take action, he told The Insider: ‘My calculated biological age has been going down for the past decade or more to a point where I’m predicted to live at least a decade longer than I would have if I hadn’t done anything. It’s never too late.’

He added: ‘Nobody wants to be sick for a decade or have cancer that drags on or be frail.

‘What we’re really talking about is preventing those things, or squeezing them into the last bit of life.’

Dr Sinclair is well-known in the anti-aging space, having written a book on the topic and appeared on the podcast circuit in recent years. 

He also runs a company, Tally Health, which sells testing kits that estimate someone’s biological age.

According to study author Professor Daniel Belsky and the rest of the researchers at Columbia University in New York, eating less can slow down aging.

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