Lockdowns Were Invalid Due To Illegal Implementation Rules Canadian Court

On Tuesday, an Alberta court declared (read below) that the Covid-related lockdown orders were invalid.

lockdowns invalid

As a result of the ruling in Ingram v. Alberta, prosecutors may have to drop charges against individuals, churches, and other organizations in various ongoing cases.

Justice Barbara Romaine sided with the applicants, citing that the Chief Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) had overstepped her authority by delegating decisions to the cabinet, which was not permissible under Canadian law. During the trial, the CMOH herself testified that she only offered advice and recommendations to politicians, without making the decisions herself.

Justice Romaine did acknowledge that the lockdowns breached the rights in section 2 of the Canadian Charter, but clarified that they would not have violated the Charter had they been implemented lawfully.

“If I am incorrect with respect to whether [the orders were legal], these infringements were amply justified as reasonable limits in a free and democratic society pursuant to section 1 of the Charter,” Romaine wrote.

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Nine months into the health emergency, Rebecca Ingram and other applicants initiated a court action, marking the first challenge against the lockdowns. Canadian courts permitted the Alberta government to postpone presenting evidence until July 2022, allowing them to continue infringing on citizens’ rights without any oversight.

John Carpay, president of the Justice Center for Constitutional Freedoms, expressed jubilation over the ruling and its implications for other ongoing cases in the courts.

“We are hopeful this ruling will mean the withdrawal of charges against Pastor James Coates, Fairview Baptist Church, Ty Northcott, and other courageous citizens who refused to comply with unjust and utterly unscientific measures,” Carpay said.

Carpay stressed in a statement to the Federalist that this ruling marks a significant milestone in the legal standing of Canadian lockdowns.

Carpay said, “Courts have been deferential to the government and not required them to demonstrate that lockdowns are doing more good than harm or present persuasive evidence … It’s a breath of fresh air to see a court invalidate these.”

The decision arrives in the midst of a continuous series of persecution and mistreatment by the Canadian government, which involves the mistreatment of Christians and the classification of dissent as terrorism.

Former CBC reporter Marianne Klowak stated at the National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) that the outlet suppressed negative stories about COVID shots and lockdowns.

Read the document below:

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