Lockdowns In UK Caused 60,000 Children To Suffer Clinical Depression Finds New Study

Global lockdowns have harmed civilization far more than they have benefited it. A recent study has revealed that lockdowns in the UK only caused 60,000 children to suffer from clinical depression.

Lockdowns In UK Caused 60,000 Children To Suffer Clinical Depression Finds New Study

According to a new study published in the journal Royal Society Open Science, lockdowns in the United Kingdom caused around 60,000 youngsters to suffer from clinical depression.

Researchers discovered a 27.1 percent occurrence of depression in their sample, which was much greater than would have transpired in the absence of lockdowns.

According to a Telegraph story, the percentage translates to around 60,000 additional children suffering from clinical depression as a result of COVID-19 limitations.

“After controlling for baseline scores and several school and pupil-level characteristics, depressive symptoms were higher in the COVID-19 group,” the study found.

“These findings demonstrate that the COVID-19 pandemic increased adolescent depressive symptoms beyond what would have likely occurred under non-pandemic circumstances.”

According to statistics, 400,000 British youngsters were directed to mental healthcare professionals last year for issues such as eating disorders and self-harm.

The report once again demonstrates how individuals who fiercely supported lockdowns while insisting that dissenting views be censored were all on the losing side of things.

According to medical experts, a frightening outbreak of hepatitis infections in children was likely triggered by lockdowns and social isolation, both of which weakened body’s immune system.

Due to adults using facial covers throughout the pandemic, numerous infants are struggling from cognitive developmental and communication difficulties.

Mask use has resulted in a 364 percent rise in patient referrals for babies and toddlers, as per speech therapists.

Global lockdowns, according to a comprehensive study (read below) by Johns Hopkins University, have harmed civilization far more than they have benefited it, with academics advising that they “are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument.”


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