List Of US States That Allow The Permitless Carry Of Guns

Gun permits and carry licenses have always been a contentious issue inside the US. Here’s a list of US states that allow the permitless carry of guns.

List Of US States That Allow The Permitless Carry Of Guns

Alabama is set to become 25th state in the US to not require a permit to possess a firearm in public in January 2023.

According to Katharina Buchholz of Statista, an increasing number of states have passed legislation along these lines in recent years. This year, Georgia, Ohio, and Indiana all did it.

List Of US States That Allow The Permitless Carry Of Guns 2
More infographics can be found at Statista

The amendment gained attention because it took place only two weeks before a tragic mass shooting at a mall in a suburb of Indianapolis, when a shooter killed three people and injured two more before being fatally shot by a bystander who also had a gun.

As many as six states, including Utah, Montana, Iowa, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas, passed so-called constitutional carry laws in 2021. It is also frequently known as “Vermont carry” since for many years, these kinds of regulations were only permitted in Vermont. Wyoming was the first state to pass or reintroduce similar legislation in 2011.

There are eight states that demand licenses for open and concealed carry across the whole United States. Four more states (plus Washington, D.C.) have open carry restrictions and permit requirements for concealed weapons. 13 states allows open carry of firearms without a permit, but only allow concealed carry with a permit (no states do it the other way around).

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