List Of Cars With Highest Mileage

Data from iSeeCars has helped create a list of cars with the highest mileage, with Japanese companies dominating the market.

List Of Cars With Highest Mileage 1

Well-built cars may go an astonishing number of miles if properly maintained.

Take this 2006 Honda Civic, which still has its original engine and transmission and has logged one million kilometres. It’s funny how the car’s odometer only goes up to 999,999 miles.

Even though that situation might be an extreme outlier, most modern cars are predicted to endure 200,000 miles before suffering a major malfunction. That is approximately twice as long as the normal 100,000-mile lifespan of vehicles from the 1960s and 1970s.

Marcus Ls and Athul Alexander of Visual Capitalist created this infographic using data from iSeeCars to identify which vehicles are most likely to meet or perhaps exceed the 200,000 mile mark.

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List Of Cars With Highest Mileage 2

Study Methodology & Data

Between January and October 2022, iSeeCars evaluated more than 2 million used cars to produce their rankings. The top 1% of cars for each model are used to determine the rankings. Models that have been in production for fewer than ten years, such as the Tesla Model 3, were not included.

An expanded list of the more lasting cars is listed in the tables below, broken down by model type. Only the top five from each are included in our infographic.

Sedans & Hatchbacks

The Chevrolet Impala, one of the most popular rental cars in the United States, is the only non-Japanese model among the top ten.

List Of Cars With Highest Mileage 3

The fact that Lexus is the only luxury brand on this list is another intriguing finding. This is perhaps because Toyota and Lexus frequently share drivetrain components.


iSeeCars has a larger top 20 list for the SUV category.

List Of Cars With Highest Mileage 4

This list is more varied, with models from the United States and Japan appearing to be similar. Toyota’s full-size alternatives slightly beat out the GM SUV family (Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and Yukon XL) (Sequoia and Land Cruiser).

The Land Cruiser was dropped from production in the United States for 2021, however it is still a very well-liked model in the Middle Eastern nations of Bahrain, Qatar, and the UAE.

Pickup Trucks

Japanese companies continue to dominate the market. The Tundra is the only full-size pickup currently produced in Texas, according to Toyota.

List Of Cars With Highest Mileage 5

Japanese trucks sell for a fraction of what American trucks do, while having slightly longer potential lifespans.

List Of Cars With Highest Mileage 6

Electric Cars

Due to the criterion for 10 years of manufacturing, only the Tesla Model S (133,998 miles) and Nissan LEAF (98,081) are included in the final category, electric vehicles.

These numbers are significantly lower than the gasoline-powered cars mentioned above, although the comparison isn’t entirely fair. The long-term dependability of EVs won’t likely be assessed until they have been in use for at least another ten years.

In addition to requiring more time, scale is another factor because the Model S and LEAF have only sold a small number of units. The Tesla Model 3, the first EV to sell over a million units, is likely to become the first trustworthy standard.

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