List Of Top Billionaire Cities And Countries

According to information from the Wealth-X Billionaire Census, a list of top billionaire cities and countries was made, with the US having the highest number of billionaires.

List Of Top Billionaire Cities And Countries 1

Only 3,311 people worldwide are billionaires, but their combined wealth is approximately $11.8 trillion.

The number of billionaires worldwide increased by 3% in 2021, as seen in the figure below. The wealth of billionaires also rose by 18% over that time.

This map illustrates where the world’s billionaires reside and breaks down their total worth using information from the Wealth-X Billionaire Census (pdf below).

List Of Top Billionaire Cities And Countries 2
  • Billionaires by Region

We’ll start by panning out to see how different continents and parts of the world fare in terms of having the most billionaires.

With 4.6 trillion dollars in wealth, North America has the most billionaires. Unsurprisingly, the majority of this money is located in the United States, where there are 975 billionaires with a combined net worth of $4.45 billion.

List Of Top Billionaire Cities And Countries 3

Regionally, Europe has the fastest-rising billionaires, with a 22% increase in wealth from one year before in 2021. In comparison, the Middle East experienced a -12.5% change over the previous year.

With over a quarter of all billionaire wealth worldwide, compared to Europe’s 26.5%, Asia is slowly catching up to Europe.

In the future years, it will be crucial to keep an eye on wealth in Africa. Despite the fact that there are only 46 billionaires in the continent¬†right now, their wealth has grown by approximately 17% since last year. In addition, a number of the world’s billionaires are originally from African nations, despite the fact that they no longer reside there.

  • Billionaires by Country

Let’s examine the list by the top 15 countries now:

List Of Top Billionaire Cities And Countries 4

With well-known billionaires like Zhang Yiming ($44.5 billion) of TikTok and Zhong Shanshan ($67.1 billion), whose wealth is mostly derived from the pharmaceutical and beverage industries, China is clearly second to the United States in terms of billionaire wealth.

Despite this, the wealth of Chinese billionaires fell by 2% in 2017. In terms of growth, India took first place with a 19% increase in 2021.

  • Billionaires by City

With 13 more billionaires moving into the city last year, New York now has the most billionaires per capita, followed by Hong Kong.

List Of Top Billionaire Cities And Countries 5

Billionaire Wealth in 2022

Billionaires wield considerable power and sway, not least since their combined wealth amounts to around 11.8% of the world’s GDP.

According to Bloomberg’s Billionaire Index, Gautam Adani is now the third richest person in the world. His wealth has been rising in recent billionaire news, most recently reaching the $145 billion threshold. But not all billionaires are keeping their money. Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, recently gave ownership of his company to a group that fights climate change.

The wealth of billionaires has increased significantly over the past ten years, outpacing the growth in the number of billionaires themselves. Wealth-X estimates that during the past ten years, the combined net worth of billionaires has increased by an astounding 90%.

However, the situation is frequently more unstable in the short run. Bloomberg reported that millionaires lost a record $1.4 trillion in the first half of 2022 due to the markets’ collapse. It will be interesting to watch how the billionaire landscape develops in relation to the longer-term trend after the year is over and the final statistics are in.

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