Levi’s Brand President Jennifer Sey Claims She Was Kicked Out For Her Views On COVID

Organizing demonstrations, attending marches, and expressing her views on COVID within her personal social media profiles were all part of why Levi’s brand president Jennifer Sey was kicked out.

Levi’s Brand President Jennifer Sey Claims She Was Kicked Out For Her Views On COVID

Jennifer Sey, the president of the Levi’s brand, alleged on Monday that she was fired because of her opinions on school cancellations owing to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sey claimed that employees of the corporation started grumbling over her opinions earlier in the pandemic when schools initially shut in San Francisco, writing on US journalist Bari Weiss’ Substack.

According to Sey, the concerns resulted in CEO Charles Bergh informing her, who has been at the company from 1999, that she may be the future CEO if only she would “stop talking about the school thing.”

According to the firm president, she was handed a $1 million severance payment but declined it because it came with a non-disclosure clause.

Sey described her ordeal as “I was condemned for speaking out.”  Organizing demonstrations, attending marches, and expressing out on her private social media profiles were all part of her opposition to Covid regulations in schools.

Sey also said she was approached by Levi’s attorneys, human resources, as well as other divisions in an effort to persuade her to “pipe down,” however she resisted.

She finally moved her household from California to Denver, Colorado so that her kids might have a “normal childhood,” she added. After describing her transfer from California on Fox News, she was accused of just being anti-science, racist (she has two black sons), and other things. Sey claims she had even been approached by Levi’s chief of diversity, equity, and inclusiveness to go on a “apology tour,” which she declined.

According to Sey, she was finally told that keeping her at the corporation was “untenable.”

Sey charged Levi’s of being “held hostage by intolerant ideologies” along with not engaging in “genuine inclusion or diversity” in her Monday post.

“I quit so I could be free,” she declared. 

At the time of writing, Jennifer Sey’s bio was still up on the Levi’s webpage, and the firm still hadn’t addressed her resignation.

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  1. I temped at Levi’s in the 80’s. I overheard a Black female employee, a manager, complaining that they always excluded her from important meetings. Oh, they also abused their copy clerks; they got cancers from the inks. Woke-washing their racism and hiding genocide by vaccine is their thing.

  2. It’s funny that, back in the 80’s, these corporations’ employees were blatantly racist, sexist, and classist. Now they’re all woke washing.

  3. I applaud Jennifer Sey for standing up to the woke mob, being honest and transparent about why she was pushed out. Levi was not willing to back her up if the woke mob came after their corporation so I would have quit too. Better to be true to yourself instead of being held hostage by leftists imposing their new age satanic cult on society

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