Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror And America’s Woke Culture

What will America’s future look like? Hopefully, it will never become as bad as it was in previous failed liberal states. But quite terrifyingly, we are starting to view similarities between Lenin’s Red Terror and America’s woke culture.

Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror And America’s Woke Culture 1

Vladimir Lenin, the most famous revolutionary of all time, turned 151 on Thursday. Lenin grabbed power of the world’s largest nation with only a small cabal of devoted followers, ushering in a seventy-year campaign of terror and darkness.

There are numerous lessons to be learned from Lenin’s bloody life. One of the most crucial is this takeaway for the terrible “woke” time that America is currently experiencing. Things are not going to improve on their own. Things will not “calm down” on their own. Today’s unfathomable witch hunt is simply a precursor of an even darker globalist terror to come unless America’s corrupt leadership class is fundamentally reset.

There are numerous lessons to be learned from Lenin’s bloody life. One of the most crucial is this takeaway for the terrible “woke” time that America is currently experiencing. Things are not going to improve on their own. Things will not “calm down” on their own. Today’s unfathomable witch hunt is simply a precursor of an even darker globalist terror to come unless America’s corrupt leadership class is fundamentally reset.

The Bolsheviks were even willing to hold a fair election at the start of their rule. They held pre-planned elections for Russia’s Constituent Assembly just days after the October Revolution, expecting an easy victory. They were easily defeated by the Socialist Revolutionaries, much to their amazement. As such, they just invalidated the election and dissolved the Constituent Assembly, as any good socialist would do. Because it was 100 years ago and the Bolsheviks were well-armed, simply declaring the Constituent Assembly closed was sufficient. They might fabricate a more intricate story today, alleging that the Socialist Revolutionaries collaborated with a foreign force.

The Bolsheviks did not immediately conduct Stalin-style mass purges after taking power. Instead, the Bolsheviks began in a frighteningly familiar way for modern Americans: by legitimizing criminal chaos and co-opting the court system.

The Bolsheviks portrayed their political misdeeds as a “war on privilege” from the beginning. The Bolsheviks of 1918 supported a decentralized campaign by the masses to pillage and crush class opponents, hauntingly similar to the riots of 2020.

In January 1918, at a meeting of party agitators on their way to the provinces, Lenin explained that the plunder of bourgeois property was to be encouraged as a form of social justice by revenge. It was a question of ‘looting the looters’. Under this slogan, which the Bolsheviks soon made their own, there was an orgy of robbery and violence in the next few months. Gorky described it as a mass pogrom. Armed gangs robbed the propertied — and then robbed each other. Swindlers, thieves and bandits grew rich, as law and order finally vanished.

[Figes, A People’s Tragedy, p. 525-526]

This class-based economic battle was accompanied by a criminal justice revolution. The mob first overthrew the old framework of law and order, and then the Bolsheviks added structure to the mix. Crime became a class issue, with common criminals freed while class adversaries were subjected to the harshest punishment on the most tenuous of grounds:

Since the police and the old criminal courts had virtually disappeared, there was a common feeling that the only way to deal with the problem of crime was by mob trials in the street.

As the socioeconomic crisis deepened, and the popular belief developed that the burzhoois were responsible for it, so these mob trials began to assume an overtly class nature. They became a weapon in the war against privilege, focusing less on petty thieves from the urban poor and much more on merchants and shopkeepers, factory owners and employers, army officers, former tsarist officials and other figures of superordinate authority.

The Bolsheviks gave institutional form to the mob trials through the new People’s Courts, where ‘revolutionary justice’ was summarily administered in all criminal cases. The old criminal justice system, with its formal rules of law, was abolished as a relic of the ‘bourgeois order’.

The sessions of the People’s Courts were little more than formalized mob trials.

[R]obbers — and sometimes even murderers — of the rich were often given only a very light sentence, or even acquitted altogether, if they pleaded poverty as the cause of their crime. The looting of the looters had been legalized and, in the process, law as such abolished: there was only lawlessness.

Lenin had always been insistent that the legal system should be used as a weapon of mass terror against the bourgeoisie. The system of mob law which evolved through the Peoples Courts gave him that weapon of terror.

[Figes, A People’s Tragedy, p. 533-4]

Learning about the Bolshevik regime makes it far easier to comprehend current situations. Army sergeant Jonathan Pentland was convicted with assault in South Carolina after shoving a black man on the sidewalk. The case’s facts are heavily in Pentland’s favor. Pentland was intervening because the man he shoved had a record of bothering the ladies in the neighborhood, and he was doing so to put an end to it.

However, the case facts pale in comparison to the individuals’ realities. In the views of the underclass, Pentland is a figure of authority because he is white. In 2021, he will be a second-class citizen. Every action he takes is presumptively racist and should be punished harshly. Not only is he facing criminal charges, but he is also being investigated by the Army and the Department of Justice, his superiors have criticized him, and police have allowed a crowd to encircle and vandalize his home. Meanwhile, a far more serious assault on an elderly Asian man in San Francisco went unpunished because the attacker belonged to one of the left’s more favored races.

Cheka officer Martin Latsis would recognize the strategy:

[Do not] look for evidence as proof that the accused has acted or spoken against the Soviets. First you must ask him to what class he belongs, what his social origin is, his education and profession. These are the questions that must determine the fate of the accused. That is the meaning of the Red Terror.

[Alpha History]

Crucially, the Bolsheviks grew increasingly fanatical and murderous over time, notwithstanding their repressive beginnings. A more systematic and brutal operation to eliminate government opponents replaced the decentralized wave of mob justice and looting.

“We must put an end once and for all to the papist-Quaker babble about the sanctity of human life,” Trotsky, one of the “Red Terror’s” greatest advocates, stated.

The attempted assassination of Lenin by Fanny Kaplan in August 1918 was the main catalyst for the Terror. The Bolsheviks, who were susceptible to paranoia, responded with the fury of a berserker to that assault. They promptly reinstated the death penalty, which had been suspended following the tsar’s overthrow. Hundreds of political opponents were slain on the spot, and Cheka agents were dispatched across the country to collect up hostages and shoot them in the event of any resistance.

The torments became increasingly inventive as the Terror spread:

Each local Cheka had its own speciality. In Kharkov they went in for the ‘glove trick’ — burning the victim’s hands in boiling water until the blistered skin could be peeled off: this left the victims with raw and bleeding hands and their torturers with ‘human gloves’. The Tsaritsyn Cheka sawed its victims’ bones in half. In Voronezh they rolled their naked victims in nail-studded barrels. In Armavir they crushed their skulls by tightening a leather strap with an iron bolt around their head. In Kiev they affixed a cage with rats to the victim’s torso and heated it so that the enraged rats ate their way through the victim’s guts in an effort to escape. In Odessa they chained their victims to planks and pushed them slowly into a furnace or a tank of boiling water. A favourite winter torture was to pour water on the naked victims until they became living ice statues. Many Chekas preferred psychological forms of torture. One had the victims led off to what they thought was their execution, only to find that a blank was fired at them. Another had the victims buried alive, or kept in a coffin with a corpse.

[Figes, A People’s Tragedy, p. 646]

The press was crucial in riling up the populace and rationalizing the Terror. One tabloid yelled out, “Only rivers of blood can atone for the blood of Lenin.” “The time has come for us to crush the bourgeoisie or be crushed by it,” Pravda declared. It sounds horrible, but headlines like these appear in our local papers:

Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror And America’s Woke Culture 2

The feeling of being threatened radicalized the Reds at first. However, once they had released their whole wickedness, it did not begin to diminish just because they were winning. Thousands of White Army soldiers and officers surrendered at the end of the Russian Civil War after being promised amnesty. They were all executed after they were rounded up. Purges, famines, de-kulakization, and terror would follow throughout the following three decades of the Soviet dictatorship.

Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror And America’s Woke Culture 3

The Red Terror by Vladimir Lenin contains vital lessons for America in 2021.

Every time it appears that the horror in America has reached a pinnacle, it escalates.

Individuals lost their jobs in 2017 as a result of their participation in the Charlottesville march. It did not matter if they were violent or breaking the law. It was enough just to be present.

Many ordinary Americans shrugged their shoulders.

“It was some racist march anyway,” thought most conservatives. “They should have known better than to go.”

But it did not end there, of course. During Trump’s presidency, it became permissible to attack people for petty transgressions like anonymous internet comments, leaking emails, decade-old articles (or decade-old tweets), and attending conferences with the wrong people.

We have reached a new low in April 2021. Derek Chauvin of Minnesota is facing decades in prison after using a standard policing technique to restrain a guy twice his size who was resisting arrest. In Virginia, a police officer’s twenty-year career was cut short when he made an anonymous $25 payment to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund.

Lt. William Kelly was placed on administrative duty Friday, April 16, after reports were made that he donated and expressed support for the actions of Rittenhouse, who is accused of killing two people and injuring another during a Wisconsin protest in August 2020.

Norfolk Police Chief Larry Boone said Lt. Kelly violated city and department policies by donating money to Rittenhouse’s defense fund.

“I have reviewed the results of the internal investigation involving Lt. William Kelly. Chief Larry Boone and I have concluded Lt. Kelly’s actions are in violation of city and departmental policies. His egregious comments erode the trust between the Norfolk Police Department and those they are sworn to serve. The City of Norfolk has a standard of behavior for all employees, and we will hold staff accountable,” City Manager Chip Filer said.


One of the illusions given to encourage Middle America to accept Joe Biden before he took office was that he would enable America to “calm down.” Slate published a story that was typical:

Joe Biden will make a difference. Things will be better. And sooner than you may think.

I am sure of this. I am sure of this the way that I am sure that kindness matters, that violence causes pain, that American democracy will prevail, regardless of the hurdles that it must repeatedly surmount. I am sure of this the way that I am sure an object in motion remains in motion, until something interferes to still it. Biden will be that stilling force. … The violence and unrest, the hatred and division that have bloodied this country since Donald Trump took office in January 2017, are an inevitable consequence of this man and the infectiousness of his beliefs, which he spread in roars across stadiums and in capital letters on social media. It spread person to person, mouth to mouth, hovering in the air, invisible and deadly.


Following Derek Chauvin’s conviction, Fox’s Greg Gutfeld mocked those who applauded Chauvin’s imprisonment, even if he was innocent, because it would miraculously quiet the left and prevent similar riots.

Such reasoning is not only immoral, but also dumb. The left sparked a new outrage just hours after the Derek Chauvin decision was announced. The officer who shot and killed Ma’Khia Bryant to prevent her from stabbing another girl was the target this time.

The Biden administration quickly politicized the situation, with press secretary Jen Psaki implying that the officer had slain a “child” because of racism.

With a photo of the courageous cop, basketballer LeBron James ogreishly tweeted “YOU’RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY.”

Giving victory to the left will not satisfy it. They seem to be on a quest, and unless they are thwarted, they will become even more extreme, vindictive, and dangerous.

Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror And America’s Woke Culture 4

Cancel culture is merely a precursor to the rape, torture, and death of the American people by an angry underclass aided and abetted by a parasitic multinational ruling class.

Why are there so many parallels between the old Bolsheviks and the radical left of today? If there is one thing that has not changed in the 230 years since the French Revolution, it is that extreme left-wing movements can not keep their promises. There is a reason why internet lefties must resort to the humiliating song “real Communism has never been tried.”

Left-wing organizations grow nervous when they begin to fail. Unable to accept their ideology’s flaws, they look for wreckers, saboteurs, spies, and traitors, any scapegoat that can be used to avoid recognizing that their policies are to blame.

That is true of both today’s left and their intellectual forefathers. Liberalism has failed to eliminate inequity in America despite destabilizing every aspect of American life and expending trillions of dollars. Rather of delivering universal wealth, liberalism has resulted in homeless hellscapes, failed public schools, destroyed neighborhoods, and disintegrated families. It is impossible to find the causes within liberalism. Witch hunts to root out “sexism” and “systemic racism” have wracked big-city governments, private institutions, elite media, and left-wing non-profits time and time again. Decades-old utterances and errant phrases are often enough to bring a career to an end, and occasionally even less is required. Liberals have launched war on the police rather than face the reality that black Americans are more prone to commit crimes than other groups. They would sooner put decent cops in jail and terrorize millions of Americans than acknowledge to the reality that is right in front of their eyes.

The second motive for the left’s ongoing escalation of terrorism is more fundamental: maintaining power. “Terror is the needless cruelties perpetrated by terrified men,” stated Marx’s colleague Friedrich Engels. The left is naturally nasty, but when faced with the prospect of true loss, they erupt into a fury. The attempted assassination of Lenin and the Russian Civil War were the turning points for the Bolsheviks. The election of Donald Trump was a watershed moment for the Globalist American Empire. Rather than accept a result that could lead to their demise, the empire fought back.

What will America’s future look like? Hopefully, it will never become as bad as it was in previous failed liberal states. However, this administration has already condemned a police officer for saving someone is life. This is a regime that wants to imprison a youngster for the rest of his life for defending his town against a violent crowd. This is a regime that incites war in Ukraine in order to avoid conceding defeat in an election. This is a program that separates youngsters from their parents in order to put them on hormone pills and mutilate their genitals.

This tyranny will never, ever show clemency voluntarily. It will become increasingly oppressive and severe until it comes to an end or crashes. The most terrifying part is still to come.

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Similarities Between Lenin’s Red Terror And America’s Woke Culture 5

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