Legal Weed Is Turning New York Workers Into Zombies

Shelley Clark, a restaurant consultant, observed, “Too often, any question or request is met with a vacant look,” which shows that legal weed is turning New York workers into zombies.

The Big Apple is now the Big Blunt.

Not just because decriminalized marijuana led to proliferating mayhem in the five boroughs.

Not just because stinky smoke hangs everywhere, seeping into subway cars and even Broadway theaters — the acrid odor I detected in the crowded men’s room of the Majestic Theatre a few weeks ago was not from “The Phantom of the Opera” smoke machine.

It’s also because of a forbidden-to-utter truth, in an age where raising the minimum wage ever higher has become mantra — namely, a license to get high has turned service employees into zombies.

I’ve lived in the city nearly all my life.

I never had to repeat my highly complex Starbucks order — a “tall” coffee — three times to get a response from the bummed-out barista, the way I do now.

Bob Dylan’s lyric, “Everybody must get stoned,” is now apparently in the employees’ handbook at most every place requiring customer interaction.

My friend Shelley Clark, a restaurant consultant, observed, “Too often, any question or request is met with a vacant look and a very much by-rote ‘No problem.’”

New York’s marijuana free-for-all has done a number on the service industry, our columnist writes.

That’s actually nice compared to the hostile glares I get for interrupting stay-out-of-my-space reveries.

It’s time to lower the minimum wage.

According to a report by LiveScience, if current trends hold, Earth’s population may soon begin declining.

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  1. In my opinion, it’s not the weed, it’s the vax! By the time these people get their fourth jab their cognitive abilities are so impaired they can no apply reason to even the simplest tasks.

  2. I have been asking myself – WHY (??!!) all this sudden freeing up and indeed promotion of ‘the [medicinal] weed’ in just the last few years … you have nailed the explanation. It was just another variable in obfuscating the effects of the jewish genocidal death jabs (aka ‘vaccines’)

  3. Could be 5G towers. I saw pictures of massive towers going up recently.
    True the vax carries prions which impact cognitive abillity. My guess these would work there way out of the brain in time.
    Cannabis is neuro-protective. It protects the brain. So it counteracts the effects of EMF like that coming from 5G towers.
    Exposure to 5G would result in loss of mental acuity, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety.
    Avoid the blue LED light at night. Keep the phone out of the bedroom and get deep sleep without 5G and WiFi spectrum EMFs!

  4. I actually think the smoke smells good. So, I guess you already know what opinions are like (including the OP’s). Everybody’s got one. I’m not going to drive an EV so you don’t have to breathe exhaust/smog – so I would suggest the OP quit being a mangina.

  5. PS – I submit the fact that you openly admit to buying Starbucks coffee as my evidence for the last sentence of my above comment.

  6. Hey lady people have been smoking lots and lots of pot for the past 20 years Go spread your damn fear somewhere else

  7. weed is part of the dumbing down agenda of the communists. Make them Retarded so they can steamroll their new world odor right over them

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