Leaked Intelligence – Iran Attacks Part Of Mossad Chief Campaign To Become Prime Minister Of Israel

Leaked intelligence suggest Iran attacks are part of Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen’s campaign to become Prime Minister of Israel. The incitements indicate the likelihood of a spiraling conflict in the Middle East, which could likely by an issue in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

Leaked Iran Attacks Mossad
Leaked Intelligence – Iran Attacks Part Of Mossad Chief Campaign To Become Prime Minister Of Israel

Mossad Chief for Prime Minister?

In last few weeks, a series of suspicious fires and explosions have occurred at Iranian civilian and military facilities. These include the country’s main missile-production and nuclear complexes. Some of these incidents could have been accidental. However, the timing and specific targets propose that some were the consequence of sabotage by Israel, as per leaked intelligence. The incitements indicate the likelihood of a spiraling conflict in the Middle East, which could likely by an issue in the upcoming U.S. presidential election.

An explosion occurred at the Natanz nuclear-fuel-enrichment complex in early July. This could have set back Iran’s advancement toward a nuclear warhead by months or years. A “Middle Eastern intelligence official with knowledge of the episode” told the New York Times that behind this attack was Israel.

Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli politician, implicitly accused Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen of being the source for the Times. The leak could be a part of Cohen’s campaign to succeed legally embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as head of the Likud Party. Former defence minister and ex-Netanyahu ally Avigdor earlier exposed Yossi Cohen for secretly funding Hamas.

Lieberman was criticized for his remarks revealing Cohen’s top secret trip to Doha during which they allegedly ‘begged’ the Qataris to “keep funnelling money into Hamas.”

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Maximum Pressure, Minimal Strategy

Cohen is not the only one who is leaking. A former Israeli defense official told Insider that it was recognized information in Israeli intelligence circles that a few of these events were actually Israeli intelligence operations. “I don’t know which ones exactly and wouldn’t tell you anyway because the entire point is for the Iranians to feel considerable stress trying to decide what might have been our work,” they said. A European Union intelligence official called it part of a campaign of “maximum pressure, minimal strategy” to disrupt Iran’s nuclear program.

The “officials familiar with the explosion” compared the complexity of the Natanz attack to Stuxnet, the sophisticated cyberattack on Iranian nuclear facilities by US and Israel jointly, revealed in 2010.

Iran weakened

There is much dilemma regarding why Israel would be proposing this campaign at this critical moment. Iran has already been in a weakened state. Iranian intelligence operations took a big hit with the assassination of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. Critical on-ground covert mission will be in a flux for the time being. Meanwhile, with the ongoing Tanker Wars and the American push to bring down the export of Iranian oil has weakened its economy.

India, which was Iran’s top oil importer has drastically cut off imports of Iranian oil after American pressure and now has signed a deal to store India’s Oil in US reserves.

Draw Trump into Conflict

The good relations between Netanyahu and Trump administration on Iran could be another motivation for the timing of this private sabotage campaign. The Israeli government likely believes in the polls showing that Trump is highly unlikely to lose re-election in November and leave the White House in January.

The danger, is that these stimulants could escalate into the all-out war. Reports are now coming up saying that Iran is preparing to retaliate militarily against Israel and the U.S. for these operations. This was indicated by other threatening statements that came from Iran’s military over Israeli attacks on Iranians in Syria.

If Israel goes all in on crippling Iran’s military capabilities over the next three months, the likelihood of war will continue to increase whether or not Israel intends to start one or Trump wants to join in. That danger becomes greater if either Netanyahu or Trump sees a political opportunity in confronting the Iranian regime head-to-head.

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