King Charles To Permanently Exile Prince Harry

Before the Queen passed away, Meghan Markle and the royals got into a heated argument after she gave an explosive interview to The Cut in which she threatened to reveal additional secrets about her time as a member of the royal family. Now, King Charles is set to permanently exile Prince Harry.

King Charles To Permanently Exile Prince Harry

As reported by the Daily Beast, Prince Harry will be permanently exiled by King Charles, as the royal family prepares to follow the playbook devised to overcome a problem triggered in 1936, when Edward VIII abdicated and was forced to live the remainder of his life outside the UK.

“The royals handled the abdication crisis by exiling Edward which meant he and Wallis ultimately came to seem like unimportant, misguided, disloyal, and even treacherous individuals to almost the entirety of the British people. It was a masterful operation in the service of which the Queen Mother, in particular, worked tirelessly,” a friend of the king’s told the Beast.

“The same thing is already happening with Harry and Meghan, and will only gather pace over the next few years under the rule of King Charles. And of course a wayward second son is far less of an existential threat to the fabric of the monarchy than a wayward king.”

Not to mention that Prince Harry’s impending memoir has the royal family up in arms, with King Charles apparently wanting to read it before bestowing royal titles on Harry’s children.

Based on another source, a Buckingham Palace staffer, King Charles’ accession proclamation encouraged Harry and Meghan to “continue to build their lives overseas,” which was an unmistakable message not to disrupt his rule by visiting the UK frequently.

“Harry and Meghan will get an invite to the coronation but they will be firmly seated in the cheap seats along with Beatrice and Eugenie, as they were at the funeral. That will be it. Charles will be ruthless when it comes to protecting the Crown, and that means keeping Harry and Meghan as far from the center of gravity as possible,” the former staffer told the Beast.

The news follows the revelation, reported by the Sun Thursday night, that Harry snubbed Charles’ offer of dinner the night he was at Balmoral following Queen Elizabeth’s death, after Charles had forbidden Meghan from joining Harry at Balmoral.

Instead of joining Charles, Camilla, and William for supper at Charles’ home on the Balmoral estate, Birkhall, Harry stayed with Prince Andrew, Prince Edward and wife Sophie at Balmoral Castle itself.

-Daily Beast

“Harry was so busy trying to get Meghan to Balmoral and rowing with his family that he missed the flight. Charles has an open invitation for Harry to dine with him whenever he is in the country. But Harry was so furious that he refused to eat with his father and brother. It was a massive snub. And he got out of Balmoral at the earliest opportunity to catch the first commercial flight back to London,” said a source.

King Charles To Permanently Exile Prince Harry 2
Kate Middleton, Prince Harry, Prince William, and Meghan Markle on the long Walk at Windsor Castle arrive to view flowers and tributes to the queen on Sept. 10, 2022, in Windsor, England. Chris Jackson/Getty

Harry and Meghan originally stated that they “plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America,” and were open about their intention to continue to “represent” the royal family while also earning money – a plan that was thwarted by the queen, who informed them at the so-called Sandringham Summit that they could not have any role in public life as part-time royals.

“In stepping away from the work of the Royal Family it is not possible to continue with the responsibilities and duties that come with a life of public service,” read a palace statement at the time.

The decision was rebuffed by Harry and Meghan, who said in a statement “We can all live a life of service. Service is universal.”

When Harry moved for the US, he made it known through court action against the British government (to acquire police protection) that he still considers the UK to be his home and wishes to operate there.

In January, Harry’s legal team said “The U.K. will always be Prince Harry’s home and a country he wants his wife and children to be safe in. With the lack of police protection, comes too great a personal risk.”

Harry’s attorney added during a court appearance in February that “It goes without saying that he does want to come back to see family and friends and to continue to support the charities that are so close to his heart.”

The idea of Harry popping back over every few weeks to do public appearances is likely to give Charles the chills.

So while the decision about Harry’s security is, strictly speaking, a matter for the courts, it is probably safe to rule out the establishment pulling any strings to get Harry what he wants.

Charles’ advisers will be mindful of the fact that when Harry and Meghan dropped into the U.K. at the beginning of this month, having announced what was supposed to be a four-day whirlwind trip supporting charities “close to their hearts” (that phrase again) it completely dominated royal newsfeeds for days on end.

-Daily Beast

Before the Queen passed away, Meghan Markle and the royals got into a heated argument after she gave an explosive interview to The Cut in which she threatened to reveal additional secrets about her time as a member of the royal family.

In short, as the Beast puts it, “Harry and Meghan are a huge distraction that the royals don’t need. Charles wants them out of sight and out of mind. So he is likely to feel far more comfortable if Harry and Meghan are safely on the other side of the world…”

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