Kerala’s Idukki Dam Water Rises Over 2390 Feet Blue Alert Issued

Kerala’s Idukki Dam water level has risen over 2390 feet as authorities have issued Blue Alert.

Kerala's Idukki Dam Water Rises Over 2390 Feet Blue Alert Issued

Following heightened water levels at Idukki dam, authorities sounded  first vigil, the Blue Alert.

This is as per rule curve for the dam that mandates Blue Alert once the level reach  2390.86 ft. The dam’s maximum capacity is 2403 ft.

The dam waters are currently rising by .02 ft per hour – a the pace that’s set to get higher by night from heavy rains forecast for the region.

Orange alert will be issued once water reaches 2396 ft and the ultimate red alert will be sounded with another one foot rise  at 2397ft.

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Then, shutters will open to drain excess water if level reaches the maximum capacity of 2403 ft.

Presently rains have stopped in the dam’s catchment area. However, heavy downpours continue in the districts of Palakkad and Malappuram that are currently on orange alert.

Yellow alert remains in other districts except for Wayanad and Kozhikode.

Districts are set on on vigil  following IMD information that depression formed at Arabian sea will likely travel along Kerala coasts.

Heavy rains are expected to last up to  Saturday. Rains accompanied by thunder and lightning, and gusty winds are expected to stay up to 18th. 

Hilly areas in Kozhikode are put on alert and fishermen are prohibited from setting out to the seas.

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  1. ….according to Wikipedia , height of dam is 554 ft instead of reported 2403 ft and more as reported in this article. ….. …..shalom,a.j.

  2. Prayers for the safety of the people in the area affected by these heavy rains. May you find a safe and dry place to be while all this is going on <3

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