With Trump Gone Joe Biden Revives Ties With WHO By Sending $200 Million

Last year the then US President Donald Trump decided to halt the funding of the WHO (World Health Organization) accusing the agency of protecting China against the global wrath. Now with Trump gone, Joe Biden has revived ties with the WHO by paying $200 million to the global agency.

Joe Biden Revives Ties With WHO By Sending $200 Million

The WHO sided with China when the coronavirus pandemic took off.

Trump accused the WHO of not taking enough steps or reforms to prevent the spreading of the virus worldwide.

He also talked about serving ties with the WHO and redirecting the funds to other deserving global health needs.

After the swearing-in of Joe Biden as the president of the US, the White House has rescinded several decisions taken by the Trump administration.

Among them, sending a payment worth 200 million USD to the WHO comes as no surprise.

The Secretary of State Antony Blinken issued a statement on 17th Feb 2021 about the decision to send money to the global health agency by the end of the month.

This decision comes at the heels of President Joe Biden’s action to stop the withdrawal process from the WHO.

Blinken also stressed that the US believes in the activities undertaken by the WHO and the UN.

While speaking to the United Nations Security Council, Blinken talked about the responsibility of the US in fighting the pandemic and its offer to support the WHO in leading the fight to curb the virus.

The secretary of state also promised adequate financial support needed to distribute COVAX, the vaccination to the world’s poorest nations.

The Biden administration’s decision comes after its move to rejoin the WHO in January 2021 after the swearing-in ceremony.

Recently, the adviser to WHO, Jamie Metzl has finally admitted that their COVID-19 probe into the Wuhan Institute of Virology for the origin of coronavirus was actually conducted not by the WHO investigators but by the Chinese authorities.

Right now, the Biden administration is trying to salvage the damage caused by the decisions taken by the Trump government.

Before cutting the funding to the WHO, Trump accused the organization of favoring China and trying to cover up the spread of coronavirus.

He also went on to accuse the WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus of singing to the tune of China.

The US was the single largest fund provider to the WHO before the Trump administration decided to cancel the funding.

The US gave the WHO between 212 million USD to 513 million USD per year.

The Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation provides the second-largest funding to the WHO by contributing 531 million USD over the past two years.

The POTUS is on a signing spree to reverse policy decisions made by the Trump administration.

The Joe Biden administration has scrapped its predecessor’s Afghan peace deal to pull all NATO forces out of Afghanistan.

As reported by GreatGameIndia earlier, after the twin suicide bombing in Baghdad recently, the mainstream media is already laying the groundwork for Joe Biden to increase American military presence in Iraq.

The endless wars brought to a halt by the Donald trump administration may soon begin with the resurrection of ISIS, ofcourse with the tacit support of the CIA and Mi6.

This also means that any further investigation into the origin of the Coronavirus will also meet a dead end.

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  1. Wir schaffen das… For this “state virus” all death certificates have to be renewed.
    NB: our most intimate dates! Health cannot be marketed.

  2. In the Netherlands the corona vaccination program has come about under great pressure and is more politically driven than scientifically justified. That’s what Bart van Tienen, a general practitioner in Enschede, thinks. Last Tuesday, a patient of his died after being vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine. An elderly, but healthy patient. Van Tienen already had questions, and they have not diminished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rix90mSKzjY

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