Journalist Claims He Was Canceled For Investigating Fauci

On Monday, a longstanding Forbes contributor claimed he was fired from the publication for reporting on Dr. Anthony Fauci’s financial affairs, including a scoop on the White House senior medical advisor’s enormous $350,000 retirement payout.

Adam Andrzejewski had been writing for Forbes for eight years, contributing over 200 essays to the publication.

In his appearance on Fox News (watch below), the investigative journalist argued that it was his four articles on Fauci last year which landed him in trouble.

Andrzejewski, who is also the CEO and creator of the website, told host Tucker Carlson that “clearly Forbes editors didn’t want our oversight of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s finances” and that’s why his column was “canceled.”

According to the journalist, six key administrators from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently emailed him and Forbes’ top content officer expressing their dissatisfaction with his reporting.

“It was couched as a corrections email, but the corrections – there [were] basically no substantial corrections – and they quibbled about small things in my column,” he added.

Despite this, the email became “the excuse Forbes used to cancel the column.”

Within 24 hours of receiving that email, he was contacted by his Forbes editor, who informed him that he was “barred from publishing on Anthony Fauci any longer,” according to Andrzejewski.

The journalist reminded the audience that his articles on the White House chief medical advisor, who became one of the most often discussed figures in the US media during the Covid-19 outbreak, were the “tip of the spear” and drew millions of views for Forbes.

He disclosed that Fauci was the highest-paid government worker in 2019 among other things. According to the journalist, Fauci earns $456,000 every year, which is more than US President Joe Biden, who earns $400,000 a year. Fauci’s wife, Christine Grady, is the head bioethicist at the National Institutes of Health, and Fauci earned 1.7 million dollars in 2020.

“So if you take their salaries, tack on the taxpayer-paid cost of federal benefits at 30 percent, the two Faucis, their household income, paid for by taxpayers every year is $900,000,” Andrzejewski said. The Fauci family’s net worth is estimated to be $10.4 million.

Forbes spokesman Bill Hankes verified that Andrzejewski was no longer working with them when contacted by the New York Post. “Forbes regularly removes contributors who don’t meet our high editorial standards,” he added, noting that Fauci’s prior essays were still available on the magazine’s website.

“Today, if you are an independent voice, outside of the organs of state authority, you are in jeopardy,” Andrzejewski said in the daily. “I am an example of this. My column at Forbes became an example of that.”

Josh Rogin, a columnist of the Washington Post claims that scientists don’t speak up about issues connected to Dr. Anthony Fauci’s research. Rogin also claims Fauci is the ‘Godfather’ of gain-of-function research that was taking place at the Wuhan laboratory which was then named as the site of the coronavirus outbreak.

Watch video below:

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