Jordan Neely Had History Of Attacks On Subway Riders Before NYC Chokehold Death

According to court records, it was revealed that Jordan Neely had a history of attacks on subway riders and had been arrested numerous times before the chokehold death in New York City.

Jordan Neely had a troubling history of violent attacks on straphangers in New York City before the disturbed man reportedly threatened passengers and Marine vet Daniel Penny allegedly put him in a fatal chokehold.

The 30-year-old vagrant, who once performed as a Michael Jackson impersonator, had been arrested dozens of times – including most recently for vicious assaults on subway riders, court records show.

In 2021, Neely socked a 67-year-old woman as she exited the Bowery station in the East Village in Lower Manhattan. 

The woman sustained a broken nose, a fractured orbital bone, and “bruising, swelling and substantial pain to the back of her head” in the Nov. 12 attack, according to a criminal complaint.  

Jordan Neel, Daniel Penny
Marine veteran Daniel Penny, right, and Jordan Neely (Mills & Edwards/AllTrails)

Neely pleaded guilty to felony assault Feb. 9 in exchange for a 15-month alternative-to-incarceration program, according to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. He was supposed to stay in a treatment facility and abstain from drugs.

If he had completed the program, the felony assault would have been reduced to a misdemeanor, but he skipped a compliance court date and left the facility. A warrant was issued for his arrest on Feb. 23. It wasn’t immediately clear how long he spent in jail awaiting the resolution of the assault case.

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