Watch: John Bolton Calls For Putin Assassination, Regime Change

At a time when tensions are already at an all-time high due to President Biden’s words about a nuclear “Armageddon” which both shocked and incensed Kremlin, watch as John Bolton calls for Putin’s assassination and a regime change.

Watch John Bolton Calls For Putin Assassination Regime Change

John Bolton, a former national security adviser in the White House, is currently calling for the assassination of Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, on television. The well-known neocon hawk told CBS in an interview on Friday, “I think we should make it clear publicly so that not just Putin but that all the top Russian leadership… that if Putin authorizes the use of a nuclear weapon he’s signing his own suicide note.”

Bolton went on to outline what he believes ought to be formal US policy: “He’s a legitimate military target… he needs to know that he’s on our target list at this point.” Bolton explained that Putin is in charge of all Russian forces, including nuclear forces. Bolton basically demanded that if the chance ever presents itself, the US assassinate the Russian president.

Bolton proceeded by talking about an opinion piece about bringing about regime change in Russia that he had written a few days earlier and published in the online military journal 1945.

“There is no long-term prospect for peace and security in Europe without regime change in Russia. Russians are already discussing it, quietly, for obvious reasons. For the United States and others pretending that the issue is not before will do far more harm than good,” Bolton spelled out in that op-ed.

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“To avoid the war simply grinding along indefinitely, we must alter today’s calculus. Carefully assisting Russian dissidents to pursue regime change might just be the answer,” he continued. “Russia is, obviously, a nuclear power, but that is no more an argument against seeking regime change than against assisting Ukrainian self-defense.”

Bolton favored an overthrow akin to the color revolution or initiatives to destabilize the administration from inside, writing:

Actually effecting regime change is doubtless the hardest problem, but it does not require foreign military forces. The key is for Russians themselves to exacerbate divisions among those with real authority, the siloviki, the “men of power.” Disagreements and animosities already exist, as in all authoritarian regimes, exploitable as dissidents set their minds to it. Boris Yeltsin standing on a tank outside the Russian White House in 1991 evidenced the fracturing of the Soviet ruling class. Once regime coherence and solidarity shatter, change is possible.

Moscow is sure to pay notice to John Bolton’s highly inflammatory call for regime change at this time when tensions are already at an all-time high due to President Biden’s words about a nuclear “Armageddon” which both shocked and incensed Kremlin.

John Bolton is by no means a new source of inflammatory comments. Check out GGI’s coverage of Bolton’s past controversies.

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  1. That’s might even be more dumber than Biden’s solution to the Putin. Putin is cornered and that makes him a very unpredictable and dangerous man. Everyone knows we blew up the his gas pipeline, or assisted, he know we are not beyond assassinating him. Bolden should shut up and retired.

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