Joe Biden May Soon Increase American Military Presence In Iraq To Fight Defeated ISIS

After the twin suicide bombing in Baghdad recently, the mainstream media is already laying the groundwork for Joe Biden to increase American military presence in Iraq. The endless wars brought to a halt by the Donald trump administration may soon begin with the resurrection of ISIS.

Joe Biden May Soon Increase American Military Presence In Iraq To Fight Defeated ISIS
Joe Biden May Soon Increase American Military Presence In Iraq To Fight Defeated ISIS

On 20 January 2021, terrorists carried out by twin suicide bombings at an open-air market in central Baghdad, Iraq. They killed at least 32 people and injured another 110.

Maj. Gen. Tahsin al-Khafaji, spokesman for the Iraqi Joint Operations Command, said the first suicide bomber cried out loudly that he was ill in the middle of the bustling market, prompting a crowd to gather around him — and that’s when he detonated his explosive belt. Not long after that, a second suicide bomber then detonated his own belt several feet away.

“This is a terrorist act perpetrated by a sleeper cell of the Islamic State,” al-Khafaji said. He said IS “wanted to prove its existence” after suffering many blows in military operations to root out the militants.

What is interesting about the bombing is its timing.

Since late 2017, terrorist attacks in Iraq became rare. From 2003 to 2017, attacks were common in the entire country, with Baghdad and nearby cities being the main targets.

This was because the Donald Trump administration brought the endless wars to a halt in early summer 2017. In his book La guerre de l’ombre en Syrie (The Shadow War in Syria), French journalist and an expert on clandestine operations, intelligence and US foreign policy, Maxime Chaix explains:

What is clear — and what I demonstrate in my book with irrefutable evidence — is that tens of thousands of tons of weapons and millions of rounds of ammunition were brought into the Syrian theater of war by Operation Timber Sycamore.

It is also proven that these armaments mostly went to equip jihadist groups, including the terrorist militia which proclaimed itself “Islamic State” in June 2014.

Ultimately, Donald Trump decided to phase out this operation in early summer 2017. This was a major setback for the CIA, as the US President was thereby conceding the defeat of the United States and its partners in the war against Syria and its Russian, Iranian and Lebanese allies.

The Baghdad bombings were the first major bombing in three years since it was dismantled in 2017. The bombing occurred just four kilometers from the US embassy compound. And interestingly enough it came on the very first full day of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Even the Associated Press pointed out that “many questioned the timing of the attack.”

Many questioned the timing of the attack, which occurred a day after President Joe Biden was sworn into office. The U.S.-led coalition recently ceased combat activities and is gradually drawing down its troop presence in Iraq.

The mainstream media soon started laying the groundwork for Joe Biden to increase American military presence in Iraq. Seth Frantzman echoed the sentiment in the Jerusalem Post:

The US has drawn down most of its troops, leaving only several thousand personnel, many of whom have been relocated to the autonomous Kurdistan region which is more sympathetic to the US.

The bombing provides US President Joe Biden with an early opportunity to show US support for Iraq. Biden has said that the US is “back” and the world can expect the US to care again about foreign policy and work multilaterally to solve problems.

We may soon witness the resurrection of ISIS, ofcourse with the tacit support of the CIA and Mi6, and with it the kick-starting of the Endless Wars.

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