Japanese Businessman Loses Entire City’s Personal Data After Passing Out Drunk On A Tuesday Night

In an act of incredible oversight, a staggering amount of personal data was lost by an individual. A Japanese businessman lost an entire city’s personal data after passing out drunk on a Tuesday night.

Japanese Businessman Loses Entire City's Personal Data After Passing Out Drunk On A Tuesday Night

Who has not gone all out for a spontaneous Tuesday night binge and had a few too many sake’s after a challenging work week? A lot of us.

The herd begins to shrink when the selection is reduced to the employees who likewise passed out on the sidewalk and misplaced a flash drive with the personal data of close to 500,000 people.

But according to Vice, a 40-year-old Japanese businessman experienced just that this past week. He went out for drinks in the industrial Amagasaki city of Osaka Prefecture and awoke hours later on the street.

His bag, which had the USB drive containing the private information he was always bringing about, was gone. According to the report, the drive was encrypted and had the personal information of the 465,177 inhabitants of Amagasaki.

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Dates of birth, addresses, bank account numbers, and tax information were among the facts provided about the residents. The local government had engaged the man’s employer, a business named BIPROGY, to find out who qualified for tax exemptions.

This week, the business issued a statement to the local media: “We deeply apologize to the citizens of Amagasaki, the city of Amagasaki, and all concerned for the inconvenience caused by the loss of important information entrusted to us.”

The drive was eventually discovered on Friday, but not before several city residents became irate. According to the report, the local city office obtained more than 30,000 calls about the incident in a single day.

Who said there were not any happy endings? According to Vice citing NHK, the worker discovered his drive and bag “near an apartment building he vaguely recalls passing by during his night out”

Just wait till the weekend if you thought Tuesday’s bender was bad.

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