Italy Chosen As Guarantor In Peace Deal Between Russia And Ukraine

Moscow had launched an offensive on Ukraine. But the special operation might just be drawing to a close as Italy has revealed that they were chosen as a guarantor in peace deal between Russia and Ukraine.

Italy Chosen As Guarantor In Peace Deal Between Russia And Ukraine

On Thursday, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi revealed his country had been approached to act as a guarantor for a potential peace accord between Russia and Ukraine. The sides met again this week in Istanbul, Turkey, to discuss ending Moscow’s military operation in the nearby nation.

Italy has been “requested by Russia and Ukraine to become a guarantor of the implementation of negotiations terms,” Draghi said at a news conference in Rome.

“In fact, the positions of the sides have come closer,” the prime minister stated, but added that he was “cautious because there is still a lot of skepticism.”

“We all wish to see a glimmer of light,” Draghi added. According to the Italian government, he notified Russian President Vladimir Putin on the phone on Wednesday that his nation was open to assist with the peace negotiations.

Ukraine’s negotiators offered becoming a non-aligned nation in return for legally bound security guarantees in Istanbul. Russia has frequently stated that one of the motivations for the military operation it opened against Ukraine last month was Ukraine’s desire to enter NATO.

Following Kiev’s inability to fulfill the provisions of the Minsk accords made in 2014, and Russia’s subsequent acknowledgment of the Donbass republics of Donetsk and Lugansk, Moscow launched an offensive on Ukraine. The conventions brokered by Germany and France were intended to normalize the status of certain territories inside the Ukrainian state.

Kiev believes the Russian invasion was unwarranted and refutes suggestions that it was contemplating a military takeover of the two republics.

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