Israeli President Warns Of Civil War As Netanyahu Rejects Judicial Compromise

In a televised address to the nation, Israeli President Isaac Herzog warned of civil war as Netanyahu rejected judicial compromise.

A compromise proposal presented by Israel’s president, Isaac Herzog, on controversial legislative changes has been rejected by the governing coalition, putting a swift end to hopes that the country’s political crisis can be immediately resolved.

In a televised address to the nation on Wednesday night, Herzog revealed what he called “the people’s directive” aimed at ending the 10-week standoff between Israel’s new hardline government and the large protest movement opposed to the plans, which would give politicians much greater control of the judiciary.

The proposals have been criticised as undermining democratic norms and the rule of law, prompting mass protests that have united what is usually a highly polarised society, including strong opposition from military reservists and the normally apolitical tech sector. Israeli protesters returned to the streets on Thursday, with some holding up placards saying the reforms spelled “the end of democracy”.

“The last few weeks have been tearing us apart,” the president said. “Israel is in the throes of a profound crisis. Anyone who thinks that a real civil war, of human life, is a line that we will not reach has no idea. The abyss is within touching distance.”

Herzog responded to the government’s criticism in a media conference on Thursday morning, describing his proposals as a basis for work, change and precision. “This isn’t the end of the discussion, only its beginning,” he said.

The president’s role is largely ceremonial but he has repeatedly appealed to the prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to freeze the expedited passage of the legislative changes through the Knesset in order to open a dialogue with opposition parties.

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