Israel Warns Its Citizens In India After Blast Near Embassy

Israel’s National Security Headquarters has warned its citizens in India after the blast near the embassy to avoid crowded places, including markets and malls.

Israel Warns Its Citizens In India After Blast Near Embassy 1

Following an explosion near its embassy in New Delhi on Tuesday night, Israel has advised its residents living in India to exercise “heightened alert in public places.” The event is said to have been caused by a group pledging “revenge” for Israel’s activities in Gaza.

Israel’s National Security Headquarters (NSH) issued a travel alert on Tuesday, warning people to avoid crowded places including markets and malls due to the possibility of a “recurrence of the events.”

Additionally, it advised Israeli people to refrain from discussing their vacation plans on social media and from publicly exhibiting national symbols. In the capital of India, the explosion happened close to the Israeli embassy.

Indian media said that the bomb was reported to the Delhi Fire Service at approximately 6 p.m. by an unknown caller. The deputy mission chief, Ohad Nakash Kaynar, attested to the fact that nobody was harmed in the incident. In a video message, Kaynar stated, “Our security teams are working in full cooperation with the local Delhi security and they will investigate the matter further.”

The explosion site, which is thought to be a vacant lot in the Chanakyapuri district behind the Israeli Embassy, is being looked at by a special Delhi police team. According to India Today, authorities are examining footage from additional cameras to determine the whereabouts of two suspects who were seen in CCTV footage taken close to the explosion scene.

The Washington Examiner reported that Special Forces veteran Tim Kennedy told Joe Rogan that terror attacks are coming to the US.

According to the article, which cited sources, a note promising “revenge” for Israel’s actions in Gaza was discovered close to the location and was addressed to the Israeli ambassador. According to the article, an organization calling itself “Sir Allah Resistance” took credit for the explosion.

On January 29, 2021, which was also the 30th anniversary of India and Israel establishing full diplomatic relations, there was an explosion close to the Israeli Embassy. A note addressed to the Israeli envoy was also found close to the explosion site, according to media reports. Israel claimed that “terrorist” elements were responsible for the attack.

A bomb was planted beneath the automobile of an Israeli diplomat in New Delhi on February 13, 2012, resulting in injuries to her spouse. Iran was blamed for the attack, according to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, Tehran refuted the claims.

The current closure of Gaza by Israel is in response to an unprecedented offensive by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7 that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of Israelis. This is the context of the most recent purported attack. After Israel began its offensive in the enclave, 21,000 people have died and about 55,000 have been wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, which is under Hamas control.

In addition to restating its support for a two-state solution to end the decades-long Israel-Palestine conflict, New Delhi has emphasized the importance of “diplomacy.” Despite being one of the first foreign leaders to denounce the Hamas strikes as “terrorism,” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi later expressed “shock” over an explosion that claimed hundreds of lives in Gaza’s Al Ahli hospital.

India has been pushed by the Israeli Embassy in New Delhi to formally label Hamas as a “terrorist” group. Israeli envoy Naor Gilon reports that officials are discussing the matter with their colleagues in New Delhi. Some of the nations and alliances that have formally classified Hamas as a terrorist organization include the US, UK, Israel, Australia, Japan, and the European Union.

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