Leaked Video Expose Israel’s Covid Vaccine Side Effects Coverup

Israel has frequently been the first nation to report on the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Its data has frequently been used by American organizations, such as the CDC. Now, a leaked video has exposed Israel’s Covid vaccine side effects coverup.

Leaked Video Expose Israel's Covid Vaccine Side Effects Coverup

According to a leaked video, Israeli researchers discovered that several adverse reactions that happened after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine were brought on by Pfizer’s vaccine.

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MoH) recruited researchers to examine adverse event reports provided by Israelis, and the researchers presented data from the new monitoring system in an official conference in June 2022, a meeting whose tape was acquired by an Israeli journalist.

According to researchers, the phenomenon of rechallenge, which occurs when undesirable effects recur or get worse after more vaccination doses, demonstrated that some of the events were brought on by the vaccine.

According to the researchers, who also found instances of rechallenge for other adverse events, 10% of the women who had menstruation problems reported a positive rechallenge.

The research team’s leader and pediatrician, Dr. Mati Berkovitch, stated during the meeting that rechallenge transforms a causal link “from possible to definitive.”

Rechallenge “helps us to establish the causal relationship,” said Sasha Zhurat, the meeting’s primary presenter. The benefit of the surveillance system and analysis, according to the speaker, “is not only to identify the symptoms but also to link them to the vaccine.”

Leaked Video Expose Israel's Covid Vaccine Side Effects Coverup 2
Dr. Mati Berkovitch. (Screenshot/Instagram via The Epoch Times)

A health journalist and risk communication researcher named Yaffa Shir-Raz received video of the meeting through a leak. Shir-Raz made video from the meeting available to the public.

The MoH released a public report on the findings of the data analysis around two months after the conference. The language used in the meeting and the report on causation were different.

“The report presents all the cases that were reported in close proximity to the receipt of the coronavirus vaccine, and does not ne/cessarily indicate a causal relationship between receiving the vaccine and the reported phenomenon,” MoH said in the report.

A spokesperson announced the “establishment of a dedicated information headquarters for the fight against the coronavirus” in a news statement dated Sept. 19, 2021.


Rechallenge is one of the factors used to assess causality in pharmacovigilance, and it pertains to re-administration of the same vaccine or treatment after an adverse event has passed to see if the same incident occurs again.

According to Dr. Robert Malone, who helped create the messenger RNA (mRNA) technology on which Pfizer’s vaccine is based, rechallenge is a “standard pharmaceutical clinical trial practice” that can offer solid proof of causality.

According to Malone, “the reports of rechallenge in the Israeli study do not prove causality.” According to him, only a formal rechallenge trial would suffice. However, the study “strongly suggests and supports causality,” he said.

The Epoch Times received an email from Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health, stating that the researchers’ findings that the adverse events were brought on by the immunizations “are essentially correct.”

There have been prior claims made by researchers from other nations that certain vaccines and particular adverse effects are related causally.

A health expert from the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Dr. Tom Shimabukuro, stated during a meeting over the summer that “the current evidence supports a causal association between mRNA COVID-19 vaccination and myocarditis and pericarditis.”

The COVID-19 vaccine from Moderna likewise makes use of mRNA technology. There are two types of cardiac inflammation that can be fatal: myocarditis and pericarditis.

According to the CDC, the majority of COVID-19 vaccine side effects are often minor and only last a few days. Adverse occurrences are characterized as additional post-vaccination symptoms.

Contrary to adverse events, which may or may not be related to the vaccine, side effects are medical conditions that have been confirmed to be brought on by a vaccine.

“CDC continues to monitor the safety of COVID-19 vaccines and makes information available to the public in a timely and transparent manner,” it told the media via email.

Pfizer’s vaccination has been predominantly provided in Israel, thanks to a one-of-a-kind deal (read below) with the pharmaceutical corporation based in the United States. Pfizer doses arrived quickly in Israel. In exchange, the country granted Pfizer executives access to certain national health data.

Other Findings Not Made Public

In December 2021, Israel’s surveillance system underwent an overhaul.

Data for the June presentation was gathered between December 2021 and May.

A total of 8,000 reports were received by the surveillance system, but 1,741 of them were deleted because they contained inaccurate or redundant information.

599 of the 6,259 reports that were presented were for kids ages 5 to 11, 299 were for kids ages 12 to 17, and 5,411 were for adults ages 18 and up. The questionnaire was completed by more women than men.

A total of 29 categories of adverse occurrences were discovered, 22 of which were from the questionnaire’s blank space option. However, only data from the first five most-reported categories were examined: neurological (395 reports), general side effects (295), menstrual disorder (282), musculoskeletal disorders (279), and the digestive, kidney, and urinary system (192).

Since the brochure distributed to vaccine recipients states the opposite, many of the reported side reactions were found to be long-lasting, which researchers remarked in the meeting was surprising. Additionally, they said Pfizer representatives told them that Pfizer was unaware of any persistent symptoms.

Leaked Video Expose Israel's Covid Vaccine Side Effects Coverup 3
Yaffa Shir-Raz. (Courtesy of Yaffa Shir-Raz)

Additionally, according to researchers, they discovered brand-new adverse events not mentioned in the leaflet, such as back pain.

The MoH did not explain how researchers were taken by surprise by the duration of the events and side effects in the formal report that was ultimately made public. The health agency also reported that no further incidents had been discovered.

“In conclusion, the reported phenomena are known phenomena in the professional literature and were also found in the previous reports of the Ministry of Health, and there was no observation of an increase in a new phenomenon (new signal),” the MoH wrote.

Shir-Raz, the reporter who broke the story about the internal meeting, said the delay in reporting the results was due to the fact that the data was not shared with the MoH expert panel, which met near the end of June to determine whether to recommend Pfizer’s vaccine for children aged 6 months to 5 years.

“We have the protocol of this meeting, so we know it specifies which documents were presented to them when they made their decision, and there was no mention of this study in the protocol,” Shir-Raz told The Epoch Times, citing a MoH document (pdf) she obtained. “So they hid it even from their own experts.”

Shir-Raz, who was dismissed last year for penning articles critical of the Ministry of Health’s handling of the lockdown and COVID-19 fatality data, stated that revealing the story was about “getting the truth out.”

“For the past two months, I’ve been dedicating myself almost entirely to this story only … It’s not just another issue for me, it’s not another article,” Shir-Raz said. “For me, it’s getting the truth out. Because it’s not just local … It has international implications.”

US Connection

Israel has frequently been the first nation to report on the efficacy and safety of vaccines. Its data has frequently been used by American organizations, such as the CDC.

Since September 2021, the CDC and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have received data from Dr. Sharon Alroy-Preis, an Israeli official who has claimed to be in charge of vaccination safety monitoring. Her most recent report was in April 2022.

At one of the discussions, Retsef Levi, a professor of operations management at MIT, stated that the MoH’s monitoring system was “truly dysfunctional” and “does not address appropriately major concerning safety signals.”

Alroy-Preis expressed surprise in response. “It’s our data, I’m in charge of it, so I know exactly what is being reported to us,” she told U.S. officials.

However, the system that had been in effect through the majority of 2021 was later replaced as Israeli officials realized it was not sufficient.

Reports could be anonymously filed to the ministry’s website under the previous system. According to the MoH, reports could not be independently verified, making it impossible to perform accurate assessments of the data.

“As time passed, it became clear that the manner of reporting on the ministry’s website, which is an anonymous report in free text, made it difficult to check the reliability of the data and their meaning, their professional analysis and drawing conclusions,” the MoH wrote in its August report.

However, it was not until October 2021 that the ministry started developing “an identified questionnaire” with predefined conditions and a field to add more information about the adverse reactions, including other conditions that were not enumerated on the questionnaire that would be used in Berkowitz and his team’s analysis. People must enter their IDs, other details, and the specifics of the adverse event into the new system.

“There is identification of the patient. This is not an anonymous report,” Zhurat said during the meeting.

Levi, an Israeli native and expert in risk management, claims that the decision to leave some of the significant facts discussed in the conference out of the public report is “a recipe to destroy” the entire vaccine project.

“The more pro-vaccine, the more disturbed you need to be from something like this,” Levi said. “And the reason is that the two most important enablers for vaccine programs … to be successful is trust and transparency, that you actually communicate to people the real risk-benefits and allow them to make choices about what they want to do. The second thing is that you take care of the people that were harmed by the vaccine because no vaccine has 100 percent safety.”

“I think we have in this example … where we violate these two very important principles,” he added. “This is a recipe to basically destroy all vaccine programs, so the more pro-vaccine you are, you should be more disturbed by this.”

Read the document below:

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