Will The Israel Palestine War Be A Graveyard For The American Empire

With the newly formed ‘axis of evil’ consisting of Russia, China, and Iran, the Israel-Palestine War might be a graveyard for the American Empire.

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The strategic alliance between Russia and Iran, with China lurking in the wings, is setting up a complex, Sun Tzu-inspired trap for the Hegemon in West Asia.

Other than Israel, there is no force on earth that could quickly divert attention from the stunning mess the West has created in Ukraine.

Not exactly Bismarckian stalwarts, the warmongers in command of US foreign policy think that if Project Ukraine is unachievable, then Project Final Solution in Palestine could be a piece of cake when it comes to ethnic cleansing.

A more likely scenario is that Iran-Russia, along with the newly formed “axis of evil” consisting of Russia, China, and Iran, possess the necessary resources to force the Hegemon into yet another maze. The key is to unbalance and disorient the opponent to the point of forgetfulness by using his own, disoriented flip-flapping.

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Even with American public opinion, the White House’s idealistic belief that the Forever Wars in Israel and Ukraine are part of the same grandiose “democracy” movement and crucial to US national interests has already backfired.

That doesn’t stop the screams and murmurs throughout the Beltway that expose US neocons who support Israel as they quicken the pace to incite Iran by planting a “false flag” that would result in an American strike. The Armageddon scenario is a perfect fit for the biblical psychopathy of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Vassals would be forced to meekly comply. NATO leaders, including Greece’s Kyriakos Mitsotakis, Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, Britain’s Rishi Sunak, Germany’s Olaf Scholz, the elderly lodger at the White House, and France’s Emmanuel Macron, have been hurrying to Israel to show their unwavering support for Tel Aviv.

Avenging the Arab “century of humiliation” 

Hezbollah, the Lebanese resistance movement, has thus far shown incredible restraint by refusing to accept any bait. Hezbollah backs the Palestinian resistance movement in its entirety. However, until a few years ago, it had severe disagreements with Hamas, with which it fought in Syria. However, while receiving some funding from Iran, Hamas is not controlled by Iran. Even if Tehran backs the Palestinian cause, the resistance organizations in Palestine have the last say on matters of policy.

The good news is that these problems are starting to get resolved. This week, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) and Hamas traveled to Lebanon to pay a personal visit to Hassan Nasrallah, the secretary-general of Hezbollah. That expresses unity of purpose, or the “Unity of Fronts,” as the Axis of Resistance in the area refers to it.

The visit of Hamas to Moscow this week, which was greeted with helpless Israeli anger, was even more eye-opening. Abu Marzouk, a member of the Hamas Politburo, led the trip. Ali Bagheri, the deputy foreign minister of Iran, traveled specifically from Tehran to meet with Mikhail Galuzin and Sergei Ryabkov, the two main deputy foreign ministers of Russia.

This indicates that Russia, Iran, and Hamas will be talking at the same table.

Millions of Palestinians living abroad, the Arab world, and all Islamic countries have been urged to unite by Hamas. Gradually, a pattern emerges: might the Arab world, including large portions of Islam, be about to come together in a major way to get revenge for their own “century of humiliation”? This would be similar to what the Chinese did following World War II with Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping.

According to Oxfam, starvation is used as a weapon of war by Israel against civilians in Gaza, and around 104 trucks a day would be required to supply food to Gaza to solve the problem.

Beijing is definitely implying it to important parties through its astute diplomacy, even prior to the historic Iran-Saudi rapprochement that was mediated by Russia and China earlier this year.

That won’t stop the US neocon obsession with bombing Iran’s vital infrastructure on its own. These neocons, whose military scientific acumen is less than none, fail to recognize that Iranian retribution will precisely target every US base in Syria and Iraq, with the Persian Gulf being a prime example.

Unmatched In the event that Israel threatens to strike Iran, Russian military researcher Andrei Martyanov has illustrated what might happen to those pricey American iron bathtubs in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Furthermore, the oil of Syria is being stolen by at least 1,000 US forces stationed there, making them an immediate target.

The deputy commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Ali Fadavi, got right to the point: “We have technologies in the military field that no one knows about, and the Americans will know about them when we use them.”

Cue the Iranian hypersonic Fattah missiles, which are related to the DF-27 and Khinzal. They can travel at Mach 15 and can get to any location in Israel in 400 seconds.

Furthermore, incorporates advanced Russian electronic warfare (EW). Regarding military cooperation, as was revealed in Moscow half a year ago, the Iranians at the same table instructed the Russians to “ask for whatever you need.” Because the mutual enemy is the same, the same holds true for the opposite.

It’s all about the Strait of Hormuz 

Every Russian-Iranian strategy revolves around the Strait of Hormuz, which is the passageway for at least 20% of the world’s oil (about 17 million barrels per day) and 18% of LNG (liquified natural gas), or at least 3.5 billion cubic feet per day.

Iran has the quick ability to close the Strait of Hormuz. First of all, that would be a poetic justice retaliation against Israel for its illegal goal of using all of the natural gas found offshore Gaza, which is worth billions of dollars. This is also one of the main reasons behind the ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

The true goal, however, will be to topple the $618 trillion derivative structure that Wall Street created, as independent oil dealers in the Persian Gulf and analysts at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan have affirmed for years.

Therefore, in a time of dire need—far beyond defending Palestine and in the event of a total war—not only do Russia and Iran possess the capability to topple the US financial system, but so do important Arab nations who are set to join the BRICS alliance, like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

An ex-Deep State official who is currently doing business in Central Europe emphasizes:

“The Islamic nations have the economic advantage. They can blow up the international financial system by cutting off the oil. They do not have to fire a single shot. Iran and Saudi Arabia are allying together. The 2008 crisis took 29 trillion dollars to solve but this one, should it happen, could not be solved even with 100 trillion dollars of fiat instruments.”

One scenario, as traders in the Persian Gulf informed me, is that OPEC would begin to impose sanctions on Europe, starting in Kuwait and working its way up to all of the member states and ultimately to all nations who view the Muslim world as adversaries and weapons of mass destruction.

Iraq’s prime minister, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, has already issued a warning, stating that Israel’s actions in Gaza may cause a disruption in the supply of oil to Western markets. Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the foreign minister of Iran, has previously publicly advocated for an all-out boycott of gas and oil by Islamic states against NATO vassals that back Israel.

Thus, the threat of assault on Iran by Christian Zionists in the US and Neocon ally Netanyahu might bring down the global financial system as a whole.

Forever War on Syria, remixed  

The strategic alliance between Russia and China has been very cautious in light of the current volcano. Their joint public stance to the outside world is to respect international law, demand a humanitarian truce, refuse to support either Israel or Palestine and urge for a two-state solution. The Hegemon has duly undermined all of their UN endeavors.

As of right now, Washington has declined to approve Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza. The primary cause is the US’s urgent priority, which is to gain time to extend the conflict to Syria, which is “accused” of being the main hub for the transportation of Iranian weaponry to Hezbollah. That also means reopening the old front in the conflict against Russia.

Moscow is not a place of illusions. The intelligence community is well aware that, despite strong US pressure, Israeli Mossad operatives were offering Kiev advice as Tel Aviv was arming Ukraine. That may have been a deadly Israeli error, but it incensed the siloviki.

For their part, the neocons never cease. They are putting forward a separate threat: the Hmeimim Russian Air Base in Latakia will be “eliminated” as a “warning” to Iran if Hezbollah assaults Israel with more than a few scattered rockets, which just won’t happen.

This hardly counts as kids having fun in the sandbox. According to certain Russian intelligence sources, Moscow offered Syria its Hmeimim facilities without even blinking after Israel launched a series of attacks on the civilian airports in Aleppo and Damascus. The offer included permission for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) to fly goods. By attacking a Russian air base that is completely A2/AD (anti-access/area denial), Netanyahu won’t exactly be wishing for his own death.

It’s also obvious that Moscow knows what those fancy American iron bathtubs in the Eastern Mediterranean might be planning. The reaction was prompt: Mig-31Ks, fitted with hypersonic Khinzals that could reach the Mediterranean in six minutes, are continuously monitoring neutral air space above the Black Sea.

Whether the target is Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, Russia, or all of the above, the Pentagon is deploying a formidable array of weaponry plus “undisclosed” assets to the Eastern Mediterranean. Amid all of this neocon-soaked madness, China and North Korea, who are both members of the new “axis of evil” created by the United States, have indicated they will not be passive observers.

From a distance, the Chinese Navy is essentially providing Iran with protection. However, Premier Li Qiang’s statement, which was extraordinarily direct and uncommon in Chinese diplomacy, was even more forceful:

“China will continue to firmly support Iran in safeguarding its national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and national dignity, and will strongly oppose any external forces interfering in Iran’s internal affairs.”

Never forget that a comprehensive strategic alliance unites China and Iran. In the meantime, Iranian First Vice-President Mohammad Mokhber and Russian Premier Mikhail Mishustin met to reaffirm the strategic alliance between their countries.

Remember those rice eaters from Korea 

Pro-Iranian militias on the other side of the Axis of Resistance are maintaining a cautiously moderate level of hostility toward Israel, akin to a hit-and-run guerilla tactic. They won’t be launching large-scale assaults just yet. But if Israel invades Gaza, then all bets are off. Despite its severe internal contradictions, it is certain that the Arab community would not put up with the slaughter of civilians.

To put it bluntly, the Hegemon has discovered a way out of the humiliation that comes with Project Ukraine at this explosive moment. They mistakenly think that it is possible to “modulate” the same old Forever War that has been resurrected in West Asia. And what else is new, if two wars become, as they inevitably do, a massive political albatross? All they will do is launch another conflict in the “Indo-Pacific.”

All of it is irrelevant to Russia and Iran, who are keeping a chilly eye on the hegemon at every turn. Keeping in mind what Malcolm X foresaw in 1964 is instructive:

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“Some rice eaters ran him out of Korea. Yes, they ran him out of Korea. Rice eaters with nothing but gym shoes, and a rifle, and a bowl of rice took him and his tanks and his napalm, and all that other action he’s supposed to have and ran him across the Yalu. Why? Cause the day that he can win on the ground has passed.” 


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