88 UN Officials Killed In Gaza By Israel Says United Nations

The statement signed by the UN’s 18 principals reported that 88 UN officials were killed in Gaza by Israel.

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In a statement issued on November 5, representatives of the UN Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) demanded an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

“For almost a month, the world has been watching the unfolding situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory in shock and horror at the spiraling numbers of lives lost and torn apart,” The 18 principals signed the statement.

The humanitarian catastrophe that has befallen the Palestinians in Gaza was mentioned in the statement. The study mentions Israeli deaths briefly before declaring that “cutting off 2.2 million Palestinians from food, water, medicine, electricity, and fuel is an outrage, as is the disproportionate killing of civilians in Gaza.”

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(Photo Credit: SOPA Images)

“In Gaza, according to the Ministry of Health, nearly 9,500 people have been killed, including 3,900 children and over 2,400 women. More than 23,000 injured people require immediate treatment within overstretched hospitals,” the statement continued.

After the IASC statement was made public, the official death toll in Gaza exceeded 10,000, with 4,000 of those deaths being children.

Additionally, the committee stated that all of Gaza’s residents are under siege, citing bombings of homes, hospitals, shelters, and places of worship as “unacceptable.”

“88 UNRWA colleagues – the highest number of United Nations fatalities ever recorded in a single conflict” are among the deaths that are denounced in the statement.

Gregory Daco, chief economist at EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young’s global strategy consulting arm, told the New York Times that the Israel-Hamas conflict may cost the global economy $2 trillion.

“We renew our plea for the parties to respect all their obligations under international humanitarian and human rights law,” The committee wrote. “We renew our call for the immediate and unconditional release of all civilians held hostage. Civilians and the infrastructure they rely on – including hospitals, shelters, and schools – must be protected.”

Over the past few weeks, a few trucks delivering humanitarian aid have entered Gaza. Volunteers have referred to this assistance as “a drop in the ocean,” nonetheless.

Multiple resolutions at the UN Security Council have been rejected by Israel’s western allies, despite calls for a truce from the UN and other sections of the multilateral humanitarian organization.

On November 5, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned down a request for a ceasefire, addressing the crews at the southern Israeli air station Ramon, “There will be no ceasefire without the return of the hostages.” This ought to be taken out of the dictionary entirely.

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  1. aww, guess they should never have voted them in power. they only have themselves to blame for all the hatred they have for the jews.

  2. No wonder! The Globalist UN is a Marxist/Islamic allied terrorist organization whose soldiers rape women and children with impunity. The UN was just recently busted for being directly involved with training Hamas terrorists! The UN literally has a school for this, with graduating honors! Many of the Hamas terrorists are on the UN payroll, both directly and indirectly. So, when a Hamas terrorist dies, it is reported as a member of the UN through the Globalist controlled media, to all those stupid enough to listen to their deceptive propaganda.

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