Israel Admits It Killed Its Own Citizens At Nova Music Festival

According to a police source, an investigation Israel admits it killed its own citizens at the Nova Music Festival.

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Some guests were killed by an Israeli attack helicopter, according to an Israeli police inquiry into the Hamas attack on the Nova music festival near the Gaza border on October 7, as reported by Haaretz on November 18.

An investigation into the incident, according to a police source, revealed that an Israeli combat helicopter that had flown in from the Ramat David base had fired not only on some of the Israelis attending the music festival but also on Hamas fighters and other Palestinians who had broken through the border fence from Gaza into Israel. The authorities claim that 364 individuals died there.

According to earlier claims made by the Israeli military and rescue agencies, 260 Israelis were murdered at the festival in a planned massacre by Hamas and Palestinians. However, this is the first admission that several Israeli soldiers were killed.

Israeli residents were slain by Israeli soldiers at Be’eri, a settlement close to the Gaza border, according to earlier claims in the Israeli media. In that instance, Israelis were being held captive in homes by Hamas fighters. The Israeli forces killed Hamas members and Israeli prisoners when it opened fire, including with tank munitions.

Israeli tank fire in Be’eri claimed the lives of three people: Liel Hezroni, 12, her brother Yanai, and their aunt Ayla. According to Israeli television Kan, instead of a burial service, Liel’s family staged a farewell ceremony for her because her body could not be exhumed from the house that fell on top of her and other Hamas detainees following two shells fired by an Israeli tank.

A similar incident happened in Sderot when Israeli officers were being held captive by Hamas gunmen who had taken control of the local police station. The Israeli army opened fire on the police station with tank shells, killing all of the Israeli police and Hamas fighters. Then the station was destroyed by Israeli bulldozers.

Therefore, it is unclear how many of the Israelis who died on October 7 were killed by Israeli forces refusing to negotiate for the release of the captives, and how many were killed by Hamas, whose fighters were trying to take as many Israelis, both soldiers and civilians, hostage and return them to Gaza.

Israel updated its earlier allegation of 1,400 Israeli deaths on October 7th by Hamas and Palestinians, to include civilians, police, and soldiers. 200 of the purported dead, according to Israeli spokesperson Mark Regev, were either Palestinians or Hamas combatants whose bodies had been charred so terribly that Israeli authorities initially mistook them for Israelis.

According to data taken from the Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel, by the financial time, the war on Gaza might collapse Israel’s economy as it has already destroyed thousands” of businesses.

“We originally said, in the horrific Hamas attack upon our people on October 7th, we had the number at 1,400 casualties and now we’ve revised that down to 1,200 because we understood that we’d overestimated, we made a mistake,” he said in an interview with MSNBC on November 17. Some victims were indeed so badly burned that we mistakenly believed them to be ours; however, it turns out that they belonged to Hamas terrorists.

In reference to the Nova festival, Haaretz also stated that “the security establishment is increasingly of the opinion that the terrorists who carried out the October 7 massacre were unaware of the Nova festival, which is held near Kibbutz Re’im, and that they only came to the location after learning that a large-scale event was being held there.” The initial plan of the Hamas gunmen was to launch an assault on neighboring settlements located within the Gaza envelope.

Senior security officials told Haaretz that they believe Hamas used drones to discover the party’s location and then used their communication system to guide its fighters there. “He is heard asking a captured Israeli for directions to reach the bad guys, even though he was in a different area,” according to a video taken from one Hamas fighter’s body camera. The fact that the first Hamas fighters arrived at the Nova event from the direction of Road 232 rather than the Gaza border fence is one of the discoveries that, in the eyes of the police and other security personnel, reinforces the assessment.

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  1. There’s official IDF footage shot from a gunship which shows the random targeting of vehicles, groups and individuals from the “rave” event and reports of crew admitting they were not sure who or what they were firing at. The reports on social media containing this footage also quote IDF pilots as saying they exhausted all their ammo and returned to base to get more. So we are not talking about a minor event. There is also evidence, on social media, of Israeli tanks shelling the homes of Israeli citizens which had been raided by Hamas or one of their associated insurgent groups, with Israelis as well as Hamas raiders, inside the buildings. Do some research.

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